"World Wide Cutie Guy"

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After we entered the canyon we received weird looks from people leaving the canyon. Although it was still getting pretty late I didn't mind it much, it gives me time to think about stuff.
    Sam pulled out the camera and was playing with the SD cards trying to find the right one, "Colby, do you know which card is empty,"
    "Nope." I replied short, but brief, although he had a handful of cards he couldn't get the right one, so just to be a little mean I didn't tell him about the two I had in my back pockets.
    "Colby," he said looking at me, tilting his head slightly.
    "Yes Sammy," I looked at him repeatedly raising my eyebrows, and winking.
    "I know you're lying," Sam started laughing and charged at me, but I quickly dodged his attack.
    "I would never!" I say placing my hand on my heart acting as if I was hurt by the statement, "Oh you mean these?" I pull out the case containing two large SD cards and two smaller ones.
    "Yes those! Come Colby it's getting dark we dknt have time for this,"
    "Fine." I tossed him the case and 'pouted'
    "Ok guys, we are in the canyon waiting for it to get a little darker mainly because we don't want to get caught. The canyon has specific times we are aloud here," Sam explained looking into the cameras. Sam had always wanted to please the viewers, he has made it his goal to beat his best reapedetly, for example he got 50,000 likes on a video, the next video he wants to have 75,000 so on and so forth.
    "Suposedly there was this guy, they called the candyman, and the house that we are going to go to, although it is prohibited, the candyman murdered a six person family, consisting of a mother, father, grandmother, and three children, and the murder only happened like a year ago. The candyman has yet to be found, which makes the next part really weird; the police closed the case three months after the murder," I added onto Samxs little speach.
    We walked for another few miles down, and finally we got to the house, Sam handed me the ten pound camera while he was looking for the face masks. Me being me I started filming, "so as you can see the house is like really tiny, I'd say way to tiny for six people to live in," I said scanning the camera over the houses. I turned the camera off as Sam handed me an XPLR mask and put it on.

So ending the chapter here might give me more motivation to weight so yeeaahh. Also  I sincerely apologize if there are any grammar errors because I decided not to Check for them so yeah.

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