Chapter 11

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"Shiro. What if something happens to him. Or worse?!? What if he gets into a coma? What if can't walk for the rest of his life? What if-"

"Keith." Shiro spoke, putting a hand on the boys shoulder. "Stop worrying so much. Lance will be fine. Trust him. You're just overthinking it."

"Shiro-" Keith started.

"He'll have me and Matt there if anything goes wrong." Shiro interrupted.

The front doors of the school came into view.

Keith stopped and took a deep breath. "Here we go."

Just outside the door stood his friends. Matt, Pidge, Hailey, Hunk, Shay, and Adam. Then Lance.

Lance headed towards the door where his soulmate stood.

Shiro moved towards Adam deciding to give the two boys a moment. Lance nodded his head as a way to say thank you and Shiro nodded back.

Keith stared down at the ground, trying to relax himself, when he seen a pair of black sneakers come into the view.

"Baby." Lance said reaching for Keith's cheeks. "Look at me."

Keith slowly lifted his head up looking at Lance.

"Its going to be okay. Okay?" Lance spoke softly. "Trust me."

Keith nodded. "I trust you."

And at that moment it was just them. Just Keith and Lance. Nobody else was there. They were in their own world.

Lance pulled Keith's face closer, before placing his lips on Keith's.

Keith reacted immediately, wrapping his arms around Lance's neck trying to get close as possible.

Behind these two boys their friends watched.

"So cute! I ship it so flipping hard!" Pidge squealed quietly.

"They deserve each other." Shiro said placing an arm around Adam.

"It's so weird how they are the complete opposite." Adam said snuggling into Shiro.

"You know what they say. Opposites attract." Hunk joked.

"If Lance hurts our boy. I won't hesitate to hurt him." Hailey said cracking her fists with a frightening expression.

"B-babe relax." Matt stuttered a little afraid of his soulmate. "I don't think Lance is like that."

'So scary' The group shuddered.

"Alright lover boys!" Adam shouted at the two. "We going and winning or staying and losing?"

Lance and a blushing Keith pulled apart.

"Ready?" Lance asked holding a hand out to Keith.

"Ready." Keith said and grabbed onto Lance's hand.

"Together." Lance said.

"Together." Keith agreed.

Hand in hand, the two walked down to their friends.

"Let's go." Lance spoke putting his bad boy act up.

The group walked down the street quietly.

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