Disclaimer and Warning

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Disclaimer: Any resemblance to actual persons is completely coincidental. The story is set in Louisiana, not because I know anything about the place, but because I was looking for a house for my characters to live in, and found that this particular style only could be found in this area. I have not written my dialogue as indicative of this region, as I have no knowledge of it and would loathe to offend anyone by my use of language.

I started writing this story several years ago, but never finished it. Then, a few years ago, I turned it into a fanfic. Now, I'm bringing back my original characters and revising the plot, but if you should happen to come across a very similar story to this by the exact same name, yes, that *is* my creation. That fic was about.. well, exactly 17,560 words long (according to my Word count). Needless to say, since I'm aiming for around 50,000 words for this story, the plot will be substantially different.

WARNING: This is a PG13-story, and while I am careful about not going into details, this story *will* deal with mature themes, the predominant one being abuse. I'm tagging it as Thriller/Non-Teen Fiction, in lack of a better category to put it in. There *will* be romance, but I'm not going to get there anytime soon.

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