Chapter 11

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So today I'm doing a spa day and hair day and my sister Maya  is coming with me Devan is watching Zion while I go out before tonight because we have a date tonight and I can't wait my parents are watching Zion tonight.

I went and finished getting dressed then I went in Zion's nursery to get her all cleaned so when her daddy comes he doesn't have to bathe her so I went in her nursery and she was wide awake so I picked her up out of her crib and placed her on the changing table.

I took her pajamas off along with the undershirt and her socks and pampers off as well I placed her in her mini tub and I bathed her then I drained the tub and wrapped her up in her baby towel I took her back in the room drying her off and getting her dressed for her dad.

I made a bottle for her and I feed her I made a lot of bottles for her and placed them in the refrigerator then I placed a few toys out for her and he should know the rest but I wrote a note just in case he forgets but he should be here soon .

She fell asleep so I placed her in her swing so she can sleep 😴 I went in the kitchen and I cooked breakfast for Devan too eat cause knowing him I know he didn't eat.

I went to the door and opened it my man was standing there so I stepped aside and let him in Denver was in his car seat sleeping .

" Good morning babe  I made you some breakfast and baby girl is sleeping I fed her already but you can feed her when she wakes up" I said.

" Thanks baby  now here is my card use it and buy something nice and sexy " he said giving me his black card he spoils me so much damn.

" Thank you baby I got to go get my sister bye " I said kissing him on the lips grabbing my bag and keys leaving out the door.

I got in my car and drove off towards my sisters condo once I arrived she came down and got in the passenger seat.

We were jamming to Ciara promise I was just singing and driving and dancing in my seer.

We arrived at the spa I parked the car and we grabbed our purse and went straight inside.

I guess Devan had already paid so the receptionist led us to the changing room and we changed into robes then we went into the massage room.

** 2 hours later **

We were finished with the massage so we got a rake home spa kit and we left we were now on our way to the mall.

" gurl that massage was amazing I needed that" said my sister.

" I know because between watching baby girl I needed that plus I'm returning back to work next week " I said I had to find a nursery for baby girl  like ASAP.

I can't depend on my parents because I don't want to stress them out with watching my baby girl.

" Maya do you know any good nursery around here I need to place her in a nursery " I said.

" ummm... Check out tiny tots. Dayspring academy " said my sister Maya.

" ok I will but I want to talk to Devan about it first because I haven't told him that I start work yet" I said I had to make sure I talked with my man.

We went shopping and of course I found the prettiest jumpsuit to wear along with some heels and accessories to go with it.

After shopping I dropped my sister home and I went home myself to my man and my babies.

I pulled up to my house and parked next to my man I got out my car grabbing my purse and bags then I locked the door with my keypad.

I went inside and when I walked in he had Zion on his chest they were both sleeping so I just walked past them upstairs straight to my master bedroom.

I placed everything I bought up and laid the dress, shoes and accessories on my bed I went upstairs in the nursery and Denver was up so I grabbed him and check his diaper he stinkied in his diaper so I changed him then I went downstairs.

" baby when you reach back I didn't even hear you come in " said Devan

" I just reach you was knocked out along with Zion babe " I said to him sitting next to him.

" but I hope you bought something nice to wear on our date tonight babe I want you to pack a bag for Zion I'm dropping her and Denver to my parents then I'm going to get dress then come back  for you " he said.

" ok  give me her so I can bathe her and I'm going to back a bag for her " I said so he handed me Zion and I gave him Denver.

I went upstairs and went straight to Zion nursery I got her water ready in her bath tub.

Once I did that I took off her clothes and her diaper then I placed her in the water.

Once I  got done bathing her I wrapped her up in the towel then I placed her in the changing table I placed her diaper on then I placed her onesie on her with a pair of socks on her.

I grabbed her diaper bag and placed enough diapers in it, some extra clothes then I placed two pacifiers, in her bag then I went downstairs with her and her bag in my hand.

I gave her to Devan and then I continued to pack her bag with formula, bottles and water.

I gave him the bag then he left so I went upstairs to get ready for our date.

I went in my bathroom and I stripped out of my clothes then I went straight in the shower.

Once I came out the shower I grabbed my drying off towel and dried off then I slipped on my bra and thong once I had on my undergarment I lotioned my body up.

After that I aat down and straighten my hair then I did it in big curls after that a did a natural look using a nude color.

Her outfit, makeup and shoes ^^

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Her outfit, makeup and shoes ^^

I slipped on my clothes and shoes I grabbed my clutch putting my essentials including my phone in it then I went downstairs not before grabbing my house keys.

As soon as I reached the bottom steps my door bell rung.

I opened the door there stood Devan with his sexy ass.

We left my house and he carried me to this amazing restaurant I enjoyed myself then we arrived at his house.

Y'all know what we did we had sex and it was good we did it until four in the morning.


They went on a date,  he spoiling her, favorite character, who is your celebrity crush, mines is between August Alsina and The Game

Enjoy 😁😁😊😊😀😀

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