Chapter Six: Rats and Cats

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September 16, 1993:
Harry was pleased with himself. He got one over Snape, and he no longer needed to endure potions. Well, at least for now, Albus likes him alot and probably could get him back in but he'll do tutoring before that.

He had a smug smile on as he left the dungeons and made his way to the schools library. Going to madame Pince he smiles charmingly, "Hello."

He sees her lips twitch, "Mr. Potter, how are you?"

"I'm swelling with happiness, and you? New books?" He asked.

"Yes, new books, indeed. I will never know how your able to know. So what brings you here?"

He smiles before going serious. Pulling out a parchment that had Albus Dumbledore's signature on it he hands it to her. Madame Pince looks over the peice of parchment that gave Harry all access to the restricted section. Which really is beyond Harry that the man even did it, seeing as he wasn't all that good of a student, well person.

But hey! That muggle saying about horses and gifts, he'll go with it. After Madame Pince nods her go ahead he goes to the restricted section. Before he could do anything he wanted to remove the trace, and according to Elise (whose done it), the restricted section had a book with a potion for it. The book was only restricted because of said potion. The title was something like obscure potions of the ministry or some hogwash like it. As he browsed the books, he heard a squeak, a rats squeak. Spinning around with his wand at the ready he kept eyes peeled now focused on looking for a rat. Slowly walking he turns a corner and jumps. James Potter was standing there with his wand in hand.

"Harry. What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in class. Potions to be exact." James quickly states while sneering at the said class.

Huffing, "I have permission to be here, and for your information, James, I was kicked out of class. So if you'll excuse me i'm looking for a book." Turning around he took two steps before he was spun around.

"You recall what the headmaster said you and your brother, right?" James' voice sounded concern but his body and face gave nothing away.

Sneering at the brother comment harry spats, "I'm not some foolish glory seeking lion! Thank you! Now if you'll excuse me."

He spun back around not even waiting for a reply. Walking back down the same aisle of books, where the squeak was heard, he towards the top found the book. Pointing his wand he summoned it, and made his way to Madame Pince so she could remove the charms thay that prevented him from reading them. Going to a table hidden from veiw he quickly found the potion he needed and jotted it down. Once done he returned it, talked to the librarian some more, and then made his way to the Slytherin tower.

Once inside he went to the potions lab. The potion was going to take him two hours to brew, and then an hour for it to take affect after soaking in it with his wand, if he made enough to soak in alone. If he put it in to a tub and with water it would take him about an hour and a half instead.

Looking at his watch, he realizes charms is starting, but doesn't need to worry. In the first time line, before the prank, he never showed up to potions because he skipped but he did for charms.

Starting the potions he once half way through pulled out his Walkman and started playing AC/DC with a mild sonorous.

Two hours and a half later, we find Harry in the lounge room redressed with Ahish hidden under his leather jacket. Grabbing his Turner he turns back for a second time to two hours before. Hearing his music going in the potions room across the hall, he calls for Rona.

"Do you know a Wool's Orphanage?"

Rona nods, "Us house elfs in the night left the baby there."

"Take me there." He commanded.

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