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(a/n: in some chapters I'm just gonna skip straight to the main thing because it would be boring if I wrote the same start thing over and over again)

On The Way To The Practice Room 6pm

Mark and Donghyuck were making their way to the practice room because they had to practice for their comeback Wakey Wakey. All boys had been practicing and with their music video that had just dropped the night before they also had to prepare for their comeback stage. (a/n I just wanna point out that ik this wasn't a full blown comeback but I'm just gonna make out that it is)

"Hey Mark, turn on some music bro." Johnny said as he entered the room.

"Sure I've got just the song to put on." Mark said as he tried no to laugh at the song he was about to put on.

Mark quickly typed "No Longer" in the computer and pressed play. Once the music started, he tried to do some sort of contemporary dance. Soon enough Johnny joined in with the younger.

"This is why we don't let two children put music on." Taeil said jokingly.

"Tell me about it, but it's entertaining." Jaehyun said.

Once Donghyuck's main part was coming up Mark squealed and tried to sing the youngers part.

"SHE NO LONGER NEEDS ME-" Mark instantly got cut of by someone singing much better than him.

"Neoreul deo wonhae
i hyeonshiri mugeobgo geochireodo
neol saranghae saranghae jeonhalge nae maeum jeonbu da"

"And that's how you sing it, so don't ever try it again." Donghyuck said laughing.

"Sorry baby, I'll never sing that part again" Mark said kissing the younger on the cheek.

"Markieeeeee stoooooppp, I'm embarrassed." Donghyuck said as he hid himself in Mark's chest.

"Your wasn't embarrassed when you sang that high note."

"That's different I sing all the time-"

"Okay okay okay, enough of your bickering and let's get to work." Taeyong said as he ran to the computer and put on Wakey Wakey.

"Letzgetit." Jungwoo says as he cracks his fingers.

"Hey that my thing bro." Mark shouts.

"Ugh guys just leave it let's just practice."

After a good hour or two everyone was ready to leave to go home as they had finished for the night and were ready to leave. Unlike everyone else, Donghyuck wanted to practice some more because due to his injury he wasn't able to practice for a couple of months. He had  decided to catch up on the rest of his dances.

"Hey Hyuck, are you coming with us or something?" Yuta said as he picked his bag up from the floor.

"No I'm gonna stay here because I want to recap on everything that I have missed."

"Hyuckie do you want me to stay with you?" Mark said as he looked at the boy.

"No thanks Mark, I'm only going to be here for 3 hours." Donghyuck responded in a bright tone.

"Okay baby, dont overwork yourself. I'll see you later stay, safe please." Mark said as he kissed his lover leaving Donghyuck alone in the room."

"I will." Donghyuck called out back to him.

"Now where was I." Donghyuck quickly plugged his phone into the speaker and put on his dance practice playlist.

"Let's go."

A hour later Donghyuck had finished and was packing everything up. He grabbed his phone from the speaker and made sure everything was tuned off. He picked up his bag, turned the lights off and left.

Donghyuck's POV

"I don't know why but, I feel so weird."

"Not like in a sick or ill way, I just.....I don't know."

"Someone or something is following me and I don't like it."

I keep on looking behind me, thats how scared I am. I then thing to myself that it will be "alright" and that nothing was going to happen to me. I carry on walking as if nothing was wrong until I felt something grab my arm and pull me into an alley.


The next thing I saw was darkness.

"Your mine now"


a/n: Heyo humans :) I hope you enjoyed this chapter I'm so sorry it's short but I wanted to leave you with a cliff hanger because shit starts to happen. So yeh please carry on voting and commenting on my story it really makes my day ⚡️

 So yeh please carry on voting and commenting on my story it really makes my day ⚡️

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