I Have the Worst Luck in the World

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Every morning starts with a “Good morning sweetie”, and each night ends the same. His goodnight texts are always followed with cute emojis which make me smile into my pillow.

Although there are plenty of “I love you”s in between, it just doesn’t feel the same over iMessage. I mean, of course my fingers still tingle and my heart still flutters, but when it’s over FaceTime, it makes me blush. Hearing his voice say it makes it so much more real. I start to daydream about what it would be like to hear it in person, if he was here, his arms wrapped around me and my ear to his heartbeat.

“Maybe, you could, um, like, actually, um, come out and visit me sometime? Like, for a weekend? You and Linds? Or just you?” I propose the idea to him, pretending to be incredibly nervous.

He chuckles. “Yeah, silly, that would be fun.”

I stick out my tongue at him like we used to do when we were younger and flirtier. He reciprocates and acts like he’s licking the screen, to which I wipe off my face as if I can actually feel his saliva.

“Gross, I thought I could escape your cooties being this frickin’ far away.”

“Speaking of,” he replies brightly, “Give me one sec.”

He rolls over on his bed making his phone fall face down from the pillow he had propped it up on, so all I can see is black and hear him moving around on the sheets. When he readjusts his phone so I can see him again, he’s holding a planner in his hand.

“Let me see when I’m free to come for a visit,” he says, licking his finger before turning the next page.

I have to admit I’m a little surprised he’s actually looking right away. Old Scott may have just laughed it off and never committed to anything real. This Scott takes out a calendar and schedules me in as soon as possible.

“Actually, okay, I’m not free this weekend, but how about next? Me and Linds, if you have the room for both of us.”

My pulse spikes. He’s serious. “Yeah, no, for sure, that sounds perfect. Linds can sleep on the couch. Or you can, I guess.”

I try to remain serious while saying that, and I think he believes me.

“Great. I’ll go buy our plane tickets right after we get done talking.”

“Don’t you want to make sure Lindsey is available?”

He sighs jokingly, as if it’s a chore. “Yeah, okay.”

Scott stands and walks away from the bed. I hear his bedroom door creak open and then hear him call down the stairs for Lindsey. Super faintly I think I recognize her saying, “Coming!”

Once he lays down back in front of me on his stomach, he says, “Okay, she will be here momentarily.”

“Your mom will be here momentarily,” I counter, mumbling.

“Oh, God, will she? Can I send her back?”

We both laugh even though it feels mean.

Lindsey pops in with a “What is it, Scott?” but when she sees that he’s talking to me she rushes over and hops on the bed, knocking me from my place on the pillow once again.

“Hey, Mitch!” She greets happily, propping me back up. Unexpected, but nice.

“Hi Linds! I was just wondering if you and Scott wanted to come out next weekend for a short visit. Are you busy?”

She purses her lips while thinking for about five seconds, her eyes moving towards the back of her head. Her eyes refocus on me and her lips relax when she says, “Nope, I think that would be fine. I can move my date with Parker to a different day.”

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