Chapter FortySeven- Panther Out To Kill

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Chapter FortySeven- Panther Out To Kill

July 30th: Waxing Gibbous

    I hadn't slept anymore that night, too worried about what I would do if the witches failed in their spell. Lockheart told me so bluntly that if it didn't end up working that he wanted me to kill Amanda and I understood his reason, but I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to do such a thing. I loved Amanda and if I had to lose her again, I wasn't sure what I'd be able to do. Having her really dead sounded like one of the most dreadful things in the world and right now that she was in danger with that vampire, it was looking like a higher possibility as the days go on. 

    "So brother," came Sadie's voice from just outside my room. She was leaning casually against my door jam with her arms crossed over her chest. To be honest she looked a little scary decked out in all black leather with her black hair tied loosely on her head. Someone like her looked very much like our father. 

    Her white eyes pierced me as she waited for me to say something in reply. However, I kept my mouth shut and faced the other direction, Lockheart's words of our two sisters being little devils ringing in my head. Although I really didn't know Sadie at all, I knew she was someone I had to avoid. 

    "Well then, I've come to ask about your little girlfriend." My head whipped around at her blunt attitude. 

    I didn't exactly mean to, but I snarled my reply at her. "What reasons do you have for wanting to know about her?"

    Sadie was cool under the pressure of my gaze though, keeping her face straight and arms tight over her chest. I hadn't expected her to look taken aback, but now that I saw she wasn't even the slightest interested in my attitude, it made me wonder how cold she really was. 

    "I was talking with Lockheart the other day and he said that Amanda wasn't a wolf but a panther. I thought that seemed odd and wondered about it a little. Then, the answer sort of just fell into my lap." 

    Her facial expression hadn't changed, but from the way her tone picked into a more arrogant voice, I could tell she was mocking me somehow. What in the world was she trying to get at with this? I knew Amanda was a panther and not a wolf, but it never really bothered me. So what she was a different animal? It didn't really mean anything. 

    "Why are you telling me this?"

    "I thought you'd like to know the reasoning behind it. It's quite interesting actually and being that the two of your are lovers, wouldn't you want to know all that you could about her?"

    I turned my eyes cold, staring directly at Sadie who reflected the same image. "If I'm hearing it from you then I don't care."

    I tried pushing past her, but she caught my arm, dragging me back into the room with more strength than I thought she'd possessed. Now her face was angered and it looked like she was done taking no for an answer. 

    "You think you know everything about Amanda, even her dark past, but there's still things you're unaware of. Her and I are a lot more alike than you could imagine and that panther form of hers has a lot to do with it."

    Somehow this whole conversation now was dragging me back to the one I'd had with Lockheart the night before. It was almost like she'd listened in on it and was now trying to show me how she and Amanda were so much alike. Why would she try to do such a thing though? It wasn't like it would make any kind of difference to me. 

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