Chapter 2 - "Welcome home."

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I drove in the parking way of the Sherwood mansion and could see from my mirror that Maira was sleeping. I smiled softly whilst I was parking the car. It felt so unreal to see Maira again. After speaking for seven years straight only on messages or facetiming one another, I can finally see her everyday.

"Chipmunk, wake up. We are here." I heard Dylan say to Maira. I had no idea what I should think of Dylan. I could tell that he didn't like me but I had no idea why. I don't know what I had done wrong for him to start disliking me so much. Maira slowly opened her eyes and looked outside. We got out of the car and I walked towards Maira, and stood next to her. I held her hand and looked at her.

"Welcome home." I said with a smile on my face. Maira looked unbelievably towards the home that her parents used to live in. It was quite massive and even after I spent a week in the mansion, I haven't been to every room in it. It was really big and sometimes quite scary. I wouldn't want to live there alone. It was terrifying.

"Welcome to our house." Maira said and squeezed my hand softly. We quickly took Dylan's and Maira's luggage inside. When we came inside I heard Maira scream which made Dylan jump and look around for Maira to see what happened.

"LISA!" Maira screamed and I laughed. She ran towards me and hugged me as tight as she could. This only meant that she saw her surprise. She held the massive blue bear in front of me and started cuddling it.

"You always knew I wanted one of these." She said and I proudly nodded. I never really had a lot of money to buy Maira a gift for her birthdays. She was always the ones that would send me expensive gifts which often made me feel guilty. I just felt like I didn't buy Maira enough as much as she would buy for me. She would even be happy with a chocolate bar for her birthday. That was one of the most good things about her.

"What is this envelope?" She asked and I smiled nervously. I have been wanting to tell her for so long what I have been planning for my career but I just wanted to surprise her with it. Like a homecoming gift.

"Open it!" I exclaimed and clapped in my hands. Maira frowned but said nothing and opened the envelope. Her mouth fell open and looked at me immediately.

"You got it!" She shouted happily and hugged me tight. Maira always knew that I loved to act. I have been trying everything to improve my acting skills and now finally I was going to audition for a role in a new upcoming tv serial named Shadowhunters.

"I didn't get it. I just am going to audition and they perhaps don't even want me so." I said whilst I let out a small chuckle. Maira smiled and after I finished my sentence she looked like she was going to murder me. She hates it when I am not confident. She was the only friend that really inspired me and made me have hope.

"You know I couldn't kick your ass before but now I can so you better shut up. When is your audition?" Maira asked and I sighed. I could feel the nervousness coming back under my skin. I almost felt like I couldn't breathe when she mentioned this. I sighed and looked at Maira. I could tell that she was a bit confused with my terrified expression on my face.

"It is next week Thursday. I am low key freaking out." I said as I laughed softly. Maira shook her head whilst she was laughing. She held my hand and looked at me.

"You will do good, believe me. You are amazing." Maira said with a smile on her face and I rolled my eyes as I felt my cheeks flushing red. I hated when someone or anyone complimented me because it just made me blush and it looked dumb.

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