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20 things about

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U read the title

1. Habit when I scare or timid I start to fiddle or chew my nails

2. I don't eat breakfast on school mornings and on weekends I eat like a I never ate before

3.i have a habit of writing the same thing twice or tap the wrong button like the last chapter it said 30 I meant 20 I was lazy

4. Ima 10 year old

5. Me and my sisters not my half a sister maybe but idk but my sisters and I are two years apart


7. My fav animals are wolfs duh, buffaloes,and falcons

8. When I grow up I want to be a falcon/bird of prey trainer or a architect or clothes designer

9. Did u know I have long curly hair that changing in the light

10. My eyes do the same as my hair

11. I can be a pain in the butt/neck/back sometimes

12. I have three besties

13. I know how to play the clarinet

14. I can play the drums and guitar a little

15. I have the fear of lizards

16. I hate auto correct


18. I scream a lot

19. Two pets I want (I have one now) dashound and a unicorn

20. I have a birth mark on my lip

OK WOLFS THATS TWENTY THINGS ABOUT ME LIVE A VOTE AND WRITE THE NuMBEr U HAVE IN COMMEN WITH ME bye my wolf pack also join the pack today if not already and become a wolf today

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