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5th grader be like

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Ok wolf today I will say 10-big number things 5th graders say/do

1. What yo u take samwich/sandwich

2. They always forget there homework and make up a something stupid up like ex. I didn't do my homework because I...I... had to walk the dog around big number ex.2 I didn't/forgot to do my homework because I had to mow the lawn until there's no more grass(no one had use one of these excuse I made it up)

3. When they say I do it later that means until u get scream at to do your homework ( I did that yesterday and today I might do it. Tomorrow idk also that's y I haven't been updating )

4. They brag a lot I'm not a bragger but I like to share what amazing ir horrible thing that happen to me to my friends that's it ex.:me: u want to know what happen yesterday :bragger: what :me: my grandpa fell down the stair again and won't make it*wipes tears out of eyes*:bragger: my whole family fell down the stairs and made it I fell down the stair 100000000000 times already:me: that's good for u not me my grandpa might die

Bragger will be like that and no my grandpa has not fell down the stair lately hopefully not

5. They have habits I know because in a 5th grader and we all have habits here's sow me habits I have NO JK ILL DO IT NEXT cHAPTEr 30 things about OPS SPOILER ALERT SOMEONE CALL THE SPOILER ALERT POLICE OF PLENTY ME WITH EGGS AND EGGS FULL WATER BALLOONS (I always wanted to be plenty by eggs I spell plenty wrong idk how to spell)

Bye my wolf pack I only did 5 but I hate this topic I made up also join the pack if not already and become a wolf today

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