Tick Tock

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Skylar's POV

I was just about to cut into the patient, when Eric decides to come in.

"Stop!" He yells. "Do no touch that patient!"

"Are you commanding me?" I ask. "What is it?"

"I asked Bill's friend if the bomb blew up when it shot into him." Says Eric. "He said no..."

"CALL THE CHIEF NOW!" I yell, one of the nurses calls the Chief. "TELL HIM IT'S A CODE BLACK!" I start paseing around the room, as the nurses look at me. "Everyone leave, leave the patient and I here, including you, Eric."

"Code black?" Asks Lexie. "W-what?!"

"Look, we will get through this!" Says Meredith, as I couldn't say anything. "Just calm down."

They all leave, Eric stays but I shoot him a look, making him leave. That's when I hear a second set of breathing.

"Meredith, what are you still doing here?" I ask.

"I'm not leaving your side." She says. "We'll get through this."

"I'm not making you stay." I say. "I will not fire you if you leave, if anything, I want you to leave, my failure might will get us killed."

"You won't fail." She shakes her head as she holds my shoulder. "You will do it, and I will be by your side the whole entire way."

"okay." I take a deep breath and let it out, just then the Chief walks in.

"I have heard what happened, the bomb squad is on there way." He says. "What are we going to do with this?"

"I am going to try and get rid of this bomb safely." I say. "YOU are going to get everyone safety, and when that's done, YOU are going to stay in that safety."

"Skylar, I will NOT let you do this by yourself, I put you in this situation, not you." He shakes his head. "I will get the bomb squad to get everyone to safety."

"It was NOT your fault Conner." I say looking him in the eyes. "None of us knew, luckily we found out BEFORE I cut into him. Now, please, get everyone to safety, I trust YOU because I KNOW you, I don't know the bomb squad."

"...fine." He says after a while. "But I want you on call so I can hear EVERYTHING, okay?" I nod. "I will stay here until the bomb squad arrives."

"Fine." I say.

After two minutes, the bomb squad arrives, wearing their suits. Three of them walk in and one of them starts talking.

"Hello, I'm Mark, Mark Sloan. You can call me Mark" He says. "I have heard about the situation already, now, you are going to get rid of that bomb and place it in here." He explains, showing a weird basket. "We will disarm it in a safe area."

"Okay." Nods the Chief. "I'll get everyone to safety."

"We'll help." Say the other two bomb squad people.

They leave while the rest of us stay. 

After three hours of carefully trying to get rid of the bomb, I am on the last cut. Everyone has stayed quiet and calm, up until now.

"What if I don't get to see tomorrow?" Asks Lexie. "I have lots and lots of years to live!"

"Calm down Lexie." Says Meredith "We'll get through this."

"I can't." She starts sobbing. "I'm sorry."

She goes to run away, which she manages to do. Everyone else hits the floor to get to cover, well, except for stupid me, who instead of having the scalpel in their hand, has the bomb. Meredith and Mark get up, they look at me with wide eyes.

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