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The heaviness of my head was the first thing that I noticed. My sinuses were definitely clogged, eyes stinging from the light above. I scanned my surroundings through half-closed eyes. White marble pillars and floor glistened within the wavering light. The slight blue hue danced and shifted across the walls. "Am I... underwater?"

The white marble and the gold accents felt foreign, something I had never seen within Crystal. "What is this?..." I thought as a headache pounded behind my eyes. My hand reached my forehead but they stopped midway, the sensation of friction grazing against my skin. I hadn't realised I was restrained around my wrists until the distant sound of footsteps pierced the eerie silence around me. Then... the jingling of jewellery across the exquisite rock.

"I assume you are awake, yes?" It was the most formal voice I had ever heard, his Astrali so perfectly articulated it seemed like he had invented it. My Astrali looked shameful against this as I confirmed his suspicions, feeling the hairs on my neck stand on end as a heavy presence approached from behind.

My throat closed as I stared death in the face.

King Adimus of Bermuda had a blank expression, his icy eyes on mine for an uncomfortable amount of time. Then he spoke, that Astrali pouring out his mouth. "What were you doing there?" I didn't speak as he stared at me for longer, his eyes trailing down my body as I was strapped down. "I will ask you again," He spoke, his words edged in poison, "What were you doing there?"
"I was just going to the Spring but... you were there so..."
A pause.
"I don't have to be a Demon to know that you're lying."
Another eternity of silence. The sound of the water above us hummed in my ears. An annoyed sigh left his sculpted lips.
"... not that it matters anymore."

The ancient rings on his hands clinked together as he reached behind his back slowly, the corners of his mouth turning up into a smirk. "I have always said to people," he whispered, eyes still sticking to mine, "that Foaris will soon come."
"They will arise soon enough, my boy... Do you know who Foaris really is?"
I gulped. I had no clue who Foaris was, only horror stories. How they tormented their own people for the gain of humanity. My noble parents told me to stay away from that book until I was old enough. I still haven't been able to read it, let alone with my weak knowledge of Astrali.

"No... I don't..."
"Well then, my boy. Let me give you a hint."
He pulled his hand away to reveal a necklace.

My necklace.

Its gold shimmered against the light, the faint lettering carved into the metal. "Even in death, you will shine like a star. No... No!"
"I don't believe you!" I shouted, lunging my face at the royal. He kept still, his smirk growing. "You can testify all you want." He stood up and walked along the marble, shoes clacking onto the floor as he walked away from me. "It's the truth. The enemy was hiding all along."
"But... She's an Angel like us!"

He stopped in the middle of his step and brought his foot down slowly. The water thrashed on the glass dome. "And how do you know that?"
"S-she used light when in was in the Spring!"
"Well... I know for sure!" I called. The King turns around and paces towards me, narrowed eyes poised like vipers. His face was inches to mine in seconds and I instinctively leaned back in my chair. The restraints on my wrists tugged against my skin aggressively.
"I know a noble when I see one, boy. You know her, don't you?"
"She's... my friend."
"Haha... I knew it. An innocent noble boy dazzled by the Princess' charms. She looks pure, like an Angel but her soul is corrupt. Your friend is a monster that will eventually destroy us all."
"And what about the Prophecy?"
He stared at me with cold eyes, shadows looming over his face. "Comparing an abomination to the Holy one is a grave mistake."
"But what if Aurora is?"
"Then our whole existence is one big contradiction! She may look like an Angel but deep down inside there is a evil power waiting to be unleashed! The Prophecy was born out of light! Not out of taboo love! She should of died from the moment she was born, just like all the other Angel-Demon disgraces that failed to live properly! She should of been dead by the time she reached her 5th birthday, let alone past her 17th! The Prophecy as the embodiment of death?! It makes me sick! Everything should be pure and strong, not weak and corrupt!"

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