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Hai people!

Im bacc!

It is 22:12 and im feeling way more sleepy and i need to sleep for the trip which is tommorow but my dumbass sis just remembered the hw for math so fuck it.

Anyways, i think i have broke my arm?

I fell earlier on floor with my phone while rolling with rolls.

Dw my phone is fine, luckily i had strong grip on it and i didn't let go :3
So no scrap is on it.

My left arm hurts badly tho, even tho i fell on my right arm rlly badly then the left one.

It really hurts but i will be fine, i hope so cuz it would be really hard for me to draw or write cuz im left handed-

But anyways, have some sWeEt lams which was requested by Anjusart

Enjoy filthy cult sisters


What is the best way to celebrate new year during college?

Go out on campus, spend time with your friends??

Hah, no.

Well, at least not for John Laurens, and his dorm mate Alexander Hamilton.

Their plan was to get only drunk and that was all.

So there they are.

John Laurens, his hairs in fluffy low-ponytail, freckles barely visible from how drunk he was, his eyes lidded with tiredness.

Sam Adams, full three bottle almost empty, the fourth one in John's hand.

At the other side, across of him, his bed, was Alexander Hamilton.

His hair down, glasses still on (he was planning to write some essays of why Heathers should be on broadway), having random gray shirt which he probably stole from John.

And of course, three shots of Vodka (not rlly, but like on that vine lmao) and stole some Jack Daniels liquer from Hercules Mulligan who is probably fucking his boyfriend, Lafayette.

"You know, you look like fuckable right now." Alexander blurted out.

John did not really came out on what the fuck he actually said but he just hummed as taking another gulp of Sam Adams.

"But for, I can just came out there and fuck you senseless." Alexander said dazed.

"How nice." John replied, his southern accent replaced by alcohol accent, if it even has one.

John was still in his very drunk mode even when Alexander came to him and spread his legs as he pushed himself against of John's inner thighs.

John was watching, not really caring for moan or not.

Suddenly, John was pinned on mattres by Alexander being on top of him.

How nice.

"Lex, I  will actually murder you if you make me spill my Sam Adams...." John warned then scoffed.

"Why?? Afraid of a alcohol stain?" Alexander smirked.

"No, I dont officaly care about mattres, which we will probably tore apart, but I care for my special liquad." John said.

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