Chapter 47

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I'd love to say getting inside Dawson's truck helps my brain function properly but Seth still makes the cab of the full size truck seem small. I buckle my seatbelt and Seth just stares at me like he wants to say something but instead of opening his mouth he backs up and pulls away from their building.

After a few minutes of silence he clears his throat. "You look good."

My face heats in a blush. "Thanks Seth."

I know I look a mess but the compliment makes me feel good anyway.

"What did you do all summer?"

"I worked at my Uncles realty office, I've worked there every summer since I was fifteen."

His eyebrows raise in surprise. "You never told me that. You started working when you were fifteen?"

I nod. "Yeah, I just liked watching my savings account grow. What did you do all summer?"

Plus it's an easy job, I just answered phones all day and did coffee and lunch runs.

"I worked all summer too, in my families law office, I mainly just shadowed my Dad."

All I can picture is Seth in a tailored suit. Wow.

Seth parks close to the door of the furniture warehouse store and I follow him inside. I've never been furniture shopping before, I had never realized just how many options there were so when we enter the store I'm overwhelmed at sight of aisle's upon aisle's of furniture.

I just need a bed and a mattress why do we need over one hundred different options?

"Where do you want to start?" Seth asks.

My eyes go wide. "Uh, I don't know I just want a bed. A cheap one preferably."

He chuckles. "Okay, any particular color?"

"I guess white." I shrug.

White usually made spaces seem larger right? Or did that only pertain to the walls? Man I should've paid way more attention to those home renovation shows my mom used to watch. My heart warms at the thought of her, she would've been in and out of here in thirty minutes tops, probably sooner if this place weren't so large.

"What size?"

Well, I could honestly fit on a double but if I wanted to have anyone over I'd need at least a Queen, I would think. I plan on renting this apartment for the remainder of my college life and I'd rather not have to buy another bed later down the road.

I look up at Seth and my face turns red. "A Queen."

Please don't read too much into that.

A sales guy approaches us before Seth can reply, thank god. "Can I help you two?"

Seth nods. "We need a white queen size bed, on a budget."

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