Chapter Twenty-nine

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Kita sat curled up on Arcee in the White House living area watching My Little Pony. The door opened. Only two people can open that door without knocking. Kimmy entered dressed in a red business suit with her hair tied up in a red, white, and blue bow.

"Hey, angel. How was your day? Give me a second to change, and you can tell me all about it." Kimmy disappeared into the bedroom and returned with her hair down, a sports bra, and yoga pants. Kita moved to the couch, and Kimmy sat next to her, putting her arm around Kita.

Kita snuggled against Kimmy, resting her head on her chest. She listened to Kimmy's heartbeat, letting the rhythmic beating relax her.

"You missed me this much, huh?" Kimmy chuckled.

"For all the people, it's a lonely house."

"I'm sorry. I know it can get dull around here. Did you girls have fun on the driving tour?"

"I did," said Arcee. "The National Park Service ranger was very informative. Washington D.C. is an interesting city and so much history for such a short time."

"She had lots of questions," said Kita quietly.

"You seem down. Are you ok?" said Kimmy.

"It was a lot of people staring at me."

"I believe there is more than that," said Arcee. "Even with the large Secret Service detail, she was the victim of many vicious verbal attacks and threats. The Secret Service arrested one man for telling Kita he would put a Jane Doe toe tag on her. I do not like that I cannot protect her."

"I'm sorry, Kita," said Kimmy. "It was supposed to be fun and introduce you to your new home. I promise they can't hurt you. I know you want to protect her, Arcee, but when she's out in public, you're going to have to rely on my people to do it. I will remind people that you are protected by the same laws I am. That will stop some of it. The rest we'll have to ignore. In time, it'll go away." She squeezed Kita right.

A knock came from the door.

"Enter," said Kimmy.

A butler opened the door. "Your Highnesses, I have Colonel Adrestia and Captain Callaghan to see you."

"Thank you, Eugene. Please, show them in."

Adrestia and Ryan stepped into the room, both in their battle dress uniforms. Kimmy and Kita stood up and hugged Adrestia.

"I'm sorry," said Kimmy. "I read the report. I wish we could do more."

Adrestia nodded somberly. "A team is going to try and recover the system core and extrapolate the damaged parts. It's a long shot and is going to take a while."

"I hadn't heard that. So, there is some hope?"

"Ratchet instructed them on how to create a system core," said Ryan. "They have to build the machine, but they know the theory. He's parked outside if we need him." He pulled out his phone and made a call.

"Yes?" said Ratchet.

"I thought you might want to listen in."

"Hmm, if I must."

"Come, sit," said Kimmy. "I'm sure you're tired from your flight. Are you hungry? We haven't eaten yet."

"That sounds good," said Adrestia. "Nothing too fancy, though."

Kimmy laughed. "Burgers and fries, ok? I promise they won't be from McDonald's."

Everyone agreed and sat. Kita cuddled up to Kimmy as she picked up the phone and put the order in.

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