Chapter Twenty-eight

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Kita awoke with a yawn, rolled over, and threw back the blue comforter with the seal of the Emperor of the Empire of the United States. She sat up on the edge of the comfortable bed. From the décor of the room, you couldn't tell you were on a jetliner. All the wood and metals were polished to a mirror shine. The carpet was lush, soft, and warm as Kita put her feet down. Kimmy has the best of everything. I hope she never saw pictures of my apartment. It's embarrassing.

After using the bathroom, she searched the drawers and found a hoodie with the Emperor's seal. She put it on, covering her cami and shorts. Kita tied back her hair and opened the door. An L-shaped desk sat in the corner against the wall with a high backed chair facing away from her. Two more chairs sat on the other side of the desk.

"—Yes, Senator, I understand why you can't support the new government. Why you think what goes on in my bedroom will have any hindrance on my ability to govern is beyond me. Last week you said I was doing a fine job. And, now, because I kiss a girl, I'm suddenly unfit?"

Kita frowned, knowing Kimmy's problem was because of her. She tiptoed around the desk and sat in one of the chairs. Drawing her legs up, she covered them with the hoodie.

Kimmy turned, saw Kita, and smiled. "Well, Senator, I can promise you I will not change my mind, and you needn't worry about getting an invitation to the wedding...How long I've been with her is none of your business. I don't care how long you've been with your wife...That's too bad, Senator. I'm sure you'd like her if you met her...Sorry, her name is classified...Yes, even from you. Now, if you don't mind, I have people who are interested in my attention who don't care who I sleep with and are interested in moving this country forward, not keeping it a hundred years in the past."

Kimmy held the phone away from her ear and bobbed her head back and forth in a mocking manner while rolling her eyes.

"I'm sorry you were born a hundred years too late. I'm sure there is some third world country you can move to that will let you do that." Kimmy hid a giggle with her hand. "Senator, I plan on it, and I know she'll enjoy it...It sounds like you should talk to your wife about that. I don't do hotdogs, only tacos. Have a nice day, Senator." Kimmy hung up the phone.

Kita giggled into her hoodie as Kimmy came around and gave her a kiss.

"Sleep well?"

"Yeah. My legs are sore. I can't imagine what the team feels like."

"I didn't realize you'd be walking so far. I'll rub them down if you want."

Kita purred. "That would be nice. Are—are you really in trouble?"

Kimmy smiled wickedly. "They want me to think I can't survive without them. It means nothing to my position as leader of the country, but the rubber stamping of their legislation is over. I vetoed a bill this morning. The liberals smell blood and are pushing to get into power. The greens, socialists, and labor are all interested in a seat at the table. I'm not in trouble. It will take time to reshuffle the deck and learn how to handle these other groups. I want to split the hawks off the conservatives, and I think I can do that. It'll be an interesting couple of months. But, don't worry. I'm fine. We're fine. Ok?"

Kita nodded. "Ok. I don't want to be more trouble than I'm worth."

"Never. I love you. I adore you. Something I know you love."

Kita smiled and rested the side of her head on her knee. "Yeah."

"How's your chest?"

Kita sat up. "It doesn't hurt."

"Let's see it."

Kita stripped off the hoodie and Kimmy examined the area around the Matrix.

"Nothing's changed. Good. Walter Reed and the Center for Disease Control are looking at the data and images Ratchet sent them. When we get to D.C., we'll take some pictures and see how this thing is attached to you. A group is working on methods to get a sample of the DNA inside. If we can't get it off you, maybe we can remove all the genetic material. We need to go down to the medical suite and gather as much medical information on you as we can."

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