Chapter 6

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"Sometimes we must yield control to others and accept our vulnerability so we can be healed." (Kathy Magliato)

I stood there between the two men, still very well dumbfounded at what Tyrael revealed. How could that be possible? Imperius in Sanctuary?

"Tyrael? Please tell me this is some prank of yours. How could this man be Imperius?" I looked over at the man again, exasperatedly gesturing at him. "He would never set foot in Sanctuary! He must hate this mortal world with all his being," I chuckled humourlessly, "From my understanding, of course."

Tyrael remained quiet for a few seconds longer and I grew anxious. What the hell was really happening?

"Shall we all go to some place else and discuss this? I do not want the matter to be over heard," the stranger finally broke the silence. Well, I'd be damned if this was all true. 

"Fine," I sighed, my hunger forgotten for the time being, walking off in the direction where I came back from. That meadow spot would have to do for now. I didn't know anywhere else where we could discuss this... ridiculous matter. The men promptly followed me and we made our way there quietly. Meanwhile, I cannot stop thinking about the possibility and the strange reasons he would be here. What were these angels up to?

Once we arrived, I leaned against a tree trunk, folding my arms. "So, please... Do explain this joke," I started without a drop of joking tone in my voice.


Tyrael thought it would help me. To understand a mortal and what they had to go through, you must live like one. After this, I should find myself rid of this anger and hatred held within me. The council agreed to it all. As much as I wanted to protest and throw this hideous idea into the pit of the burning hell, I had no choice but to comply. The Angiris Council decision was absolute.

They sent me to Sanctuary in utmost discreet. With the help of Tyrael's new horadrim, they had created me a mortal vessel using their horadric arts. After I merged with it, it took a form of a man and the features were as close to what I might look like if I were one. Or so I was told. Alas, here I was, breathing and walking like a petty mortal. It felt rather humiliating and uncomfortable.

As an angel, Tyrael ensured that I did not lose any more dignity in this form. I was more than grateful to this. There were some exceptions and restrictions of what I could still have as mortal.

I could keep my wings but hidden under the clothing and armour at all times. The least they were seen, the better. My telekinesis power remained which I planned only to use with possible threats and enemies. However, I could called my weapon, Solarion, strictly in the most crucial situation. To do so, my power and my true self must be released which meant that this vessel would be burned and disintegrated as soon as that happened. In replacement, the artisan had made me a powerful spear which was better than none at all. 

I cannot allow enemies the knowledge of me being here in Sanctuary. Therefore, as long as there was no beings threatening my existence, I had to be a normal mortal and lived a mortal life until I found that I no longer felt anger or hatred towards the nephalem. Or the council would call the end to this when they all agreed that I had done enough. How long would I have to endure this ridiculous joke?


"So... you mean to say that by him being here, he will learn to hate us less? And then what?" I asked Tyrael once he finished explaining his scheme. Not until now, I only recognised Imperius' voice from earlier to be his. It sounded different hearing him as a mortal. It all seemed unbelievable but I'd finally come to accept that he was indeed standing right in front of me. 

"We thought his state of mind may cause us all dearly again as it happened with Malthael. With Diablo's soul released once again which may have included other prime evils, we will need all the advantages we could muster. I am just being precautious," he finished calmly but the look on his face told me there was something more. 

"All right," I nodded with understanding. "Now, what can I do? I presumed that you found me here because there was something I could help with," I raised my brows questioningly. If that was all, then I was not even needed. Imperius was able to just stay with the horadrim and learned the mortal ways through their knowledge and everyday life. 

"You see, Astraea... " Tyrael sighed heavily and continued, "His anger and hatred were very much towards your kind. So I thought it would be a better idea for him to spend his time here with you." 

My arms dropped to my side, my eyes gawked at him without shame and my mouth opened wide. "E-excuse me?!" I exclaimed. At the same time, I heard "What?!" coming from Imperius himself. 

Tyrael nodded, slightly sheepish. Imperius had no idea about this either?

"That is outrageous! Tyrael, he cannot stand my presence! How do you think this will end?" I asked pleadingly. Imperius was, at the same time, speaking his own thoughts loudly into Tyrael's ears right next to him. 

Tyrael raised his hands up, signalling for us to allow him to speak. I paused staring at him, still bewildered. 

"Please, I am begging you both to consider this for the rest of us. Our very existence could rely on you two in critical situations. Think about the prime evils and how we would manage to fight them. We, angels and men, are on the same side. Are we not? So if we do not begin to tighten this bond now, when do you think it would be a good idea? Once the evils make their way back?" he said with distraught in his eyes. Clearly, he believed that this would help us all. 

I let out a heavy sigh, unable to argue with him. All I wanted to do was digging a hole right there and crawled into it. I'd rather be cornered by a hoard of demons and had fun shooting them off one by one than having to endure Imperius' bad temper. The idea of fighting Imperius as he once challenged me seemed much better than what I was about to get into now. 

"Fine! Just, fine." I looked up at Tyrael a little while later who now had a ray of hope in his eyes. "But it will be on my terms. This is my territory, my land after all." I needed to have some control at least. 

Tyrael nodded, "I trust that you will not be too harsh towards him." I snorted as his remark giving me ideas. "Of course not. My hatred is for demons and the likes only." 

Imperius, until now I still had not seen his 'mortal' face, just stood there in silence. It made me wonder if he would agree. It was up to him now. Only a few seconds later, he turned towards me and spoke coldly. 

"I am here now and may as well get it over with." 

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