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"If I get lost in here you are dead." Genesis threats me as we enter the party.

"Baby, ain't nothing happening to you!" I smile at her and she rolls her eyes.

"I have no idea why I agree to this." She says to herself but loud enough for me to listen.

"It's not the end of the world missy," I reply while placing my arm around her shoulders.

We started digging inside the party looking for our friends, yes, she has finally agreed on telling them, even though I think they already know about us I mean, it's kinda obvious.

"Josh!" I yell once we reach them. "Where is Jessica?" I ask noticing he is alone.

"We have broken up." He shrugs.

"She finally let go his sorry ass." Brandon jokes approaching us.

"It had to be said," Genesis responds high fiving him.

"I didn't come here for y' all to attack me!" Josh complains.

"And your girl?" Michael asks Brandon.

"She had to study for a test." He says shrugging. "And why did you two come here together?"

"We are dating." Genesis casually says while I take a huge sip of the drink in my hand.

"You are what?" Lonzo yells loudly behind us.

"Give me my 50 bucks! I called it!" Michael smiles happy and sticks his hand out to the guys.

"This isn't a joke right?" Josh asks sternly and we both deny with our heads. "Finally!" He yells hugging as both.

"How long?" Brandon asks.

"A couple of days," I say and she frowns.

"Months." She corrects me.

"Months?" They all shout in unison.

"I need a drink!" Genesis states walking away from us as I sigh, they are gonna be hard on me.

There may be some things I decided to keep unsaid to Genesis. The boys already spoke to me about dating her and why it wouldn't be a good choice but I chose to be selfish and be with her anyways, knowing that in the end, it may hurt her.

"For months?" Brandon insists. "Weren't you with Leslie last week? Are you stupid?"

"What do you think you were doing!" Lonzo smacks the back of my head.

"Ouch!" I complain.

"You are gonna break her heart as soon as you tell her," Brandon exclaims.

"Plus, aren't you leaving to Utah next month?" Michael adds and I nod nervously.

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