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"I can't believe you convinced me to do this" Rebecca stated as she stood in line with Colby, it was Wednesday.. one of the only days off they would normally have but this week was the exception.. almost no one was off this week
"Sorry.. I'll try to pick a different week next time to find my surprise daughter and fake a marriage" he stated sarcastically as he looked over the papers in his hands
"Seriously though! It is Mania week and i'm supposed to be focusing on everything else that's on my shoulders and so are you but instead we are standing in a court house waiting for our names to be called so we can go into a room and get married.. in Iowa to top it all off"
"Hey! Iowa isn't that bad" He argued and she shook her head
"I hope you know my mother is going to kill me when she finds out I cheated her out of not only planning a wedding and being at my wedding but I also got married to my best friend out of convenience to him"
"And became a mother.. don't forget that" he said and she rolled her eyes
"She's going to love that too! I can only imagine how the European tour is going to go this year.. surprise Ma.. I got married a few months ago and didn't tell anyone.. also here is your 7 year old granddaughter I never told you about either"
"You make it sound so bad" he stated with a shake of his head
"Because it is!" she exclaimed
"You could have said no" he looked her in the eyes "You still can.. I can figure something out to tell the lawyers next week"
"I made a promise to Olivia.. I'm not breaking my promise"
"Who knows.. This could be fun" he said with a smile and she glared at him

One hour, 2 signatures and a marriage certificate later and it was official. The two walked out of the courthouse hand in hand. They had to keep up appearances.. it was a sprint to the car that sat in the parking lot.

"We've got an hour to get to the plane before we miss it" Rebecca stated as Colby pulled out of the parking lot and began the 20 minute drive to the tiny airport
"We'll make it.. calm down" he said
"Is this not weird to you?" she questioned holding her left hand up as she twirled the silver wedding band that sat on her ring finger
"Of course it is.. it'll take time to get used to but I'm sure soon enough you won't even realize you're wearing it"
"You want me to wear this all the time?" she questioned
"We have to.. I told Robert & Nancy the only time we don't wear it is at work because we can't what if we get pictured without it and they get those pictures?"
"And we are supposed to explain this to our friends.. or fans.. how?"
"Let the fans speculate.. they already do enough of that.. it will just give them more fuel to throw on the fire" he laughed and she rolled her eyes at him "As far as the friends go.. we'll pull them all together this week.. and explain it one time to everybody and be done with it"
"Fine" she crossed her arms over her chest and he looked from the road to her and back to the road before he spoke again
"There's just one more thing" he said
"What now?" she asked growing annoyed
"You have to move here" he said

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