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   HARRY-"Why don't you go try on that lingerie I got you?"Your boyfriend,Harry,asks you."Because I'd rather not."You say."You won't wear bathing suits around me. You won't wear lingerie around me. Babe,if you have a fourth nipple,it's okay!So do I!"Harry says making you laugh."It's not that!I'm just... the curviest girl you've ever dated."You say."So?"Harry asks."So I have big hips!"You say."Y/N,you're gorgeous!"Harry says."Really?"You ask."Really."Harry says."Here's the lingerie."Harry says chunking the skimpy bra and panties to you.  

LIAM-You stare at your stomach in the mirror. You're curvy and it shows the most in your stomach area. You turn every angle,but you just aren't satisfied with any angle."You're not as skinny as Danielle."You tell your reflection."You're not anything like Danielle and that's one of the many reasons why I love you,Y/N."Liam says from the bathroom doorway."But my curviness makes my stomach..."You get interrupted by Liam."Your curviness makes you look beautiful and I wouldn't have it any other way."Liam says before kissing you.  

NIALL-"Want to go get some Nando's,Y/N?"Niall asks. Your stomach rumbles at the mention of food."No. I'm good."You say but Niall can tell you're not."Why haven't you been eating lately,princess?Was it something I said?"Niall asks."No,Niall!It's just... I'm curvier than girls you've dated and I get teased for it."You tell him."Don't listen to the cunts who tease you,princess. You're beautiful and I love you."Niall tells you before kissing you."Now,let's go get some Nando's in us."Niall says getting off the couch with you right behind him.  

ZAYN-Your boyfriend,Zayn,stands in the bathroom. He's taking some pictures of himself so you can have new photos of him while he's away on tour."Y/N,come here. I want some photos of you."Zayn says."I'm good."You say."Y/N,why won't you let me have at least one picture of you?Are you camera shy?"Zayn asks you."No,I mean... I'm curvier than who you usually date and people take notice."You say."Don't listen to the haters. Their just jealous you have such an amazing body."He says before kissing your worries away.  

LOUIS-You leave the mall with your boyfriend,Louis,to find paparazzi waiting."Just ignore them."Louis tells you. You start walking to the car with him holding on to your waist securely."Y/N!You have a bigger bum than Louis!"A photographer says. The comment hits you in the chest like a ton of bricks. You and Louis get in the car and you break down when the doors are closed."Just ignore them. They just want stupid stuff for their damn magazines."Louis says before you two kiss,making you forget the comments about being the curviest girl Louis' dated.  


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