Chapt.10 - Mixed Signals

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Skye woke up, as the sunlight had hit her face. She groaned as attempted to stand up, hut failed. There was something pressing her back down.

The Cockapoo looked to her side to see that same German Shepherd who had placed a blanket over her, who is now beside her, sharing a blanket with her.

A blush had appeared on her fluffy cheeks. She poked Chase with her nose, as it was the only available poking material at the matter, unfortunately, her paws were pinned down by his paws' weight.

Skye had to poke him on his cheek, twice with her nose before he could completely wake up with conscience. "H-huh?" He muttered, still a little spacy from his deep sleep "Oh, morning Skye" he greeted, when he realizes that the sun is up in the sky already, waving them hello and telling them it's a brand new day.

"W-what are you doing here?" She stammered, trying to keep her cool, while her heart's been beating crazily. "Mh? Oh, I just couldn't leave you alone. Who knows what could attack you?" He replies, as he stood up and folded his blanket.

With Skye, still a blushing mess, shook the thought off "He's protecting you as a friend! Yeah..." she convinces herself. But Chase had seen her best friend lost in thoughts "Are you okay Skye? You look like you saw a ghost..." Chase tilted his head.

"Ah, no, I'm... Fine, I was just deep in thou-- AHHH GHOST" this had alerted Chase, as he stand in front of the frightened Skye "Who's there?!" He barked, trying to protect her.

Skye's mind is totally loosing it. Because firstly, she saw a ghost, and lastly, her best friend, that was overwhelming concern for her, and denies that he cares for her, nor has any romantic feelings for her.

"Skye! W-what did you see?" Chase stammered, trying to hide the fear within him. Her eyes were still not working properly from the shock, but she tried to look for it "T-THERE! IT'S A GHOST!" she yelped, as Chase looked to where she is pointing, and found a white unknown thing.

The German Shepherd immediately tackled the 'thing' down. But when he had, it groaned "Wait... Ghosts don't... Groan?" then there was silence between him and Skye, he unraveled the blanket to see his dalmatian pup friend, Marshall.

"Huh? What happened?" he questions, confused why the two had lost their colors on their face. Skye just laughs awkwardly "I... Thought it was a ghost, but turns out it was just you sleep walking with a blanket!"

Chase, then got off of his friend and apologized, Marshall gladly accepted it, and knowing it was half of his fault too, for wrapping his self his white blanket last night. As Marshall walked to his doghouse, Skye looked to Chase, who's not surprisingly still has the look of complete shock.

She wouldn't blame him, even if Marshall was a funny and clumsy guy, sometimes, his unexpected actions could even startle them to near-death experiences. "I uhm... T-thanks for saving me, I guess" as she gulped, staring at nothing.

"Y-yeah... I should wake up Ryder though" he says, as he walks to Skye's tent. While the Cockapoo waits patiently for everyone to completely wake up, she threw stones across the lake, trying if she could ever beat the world record, that is eighty-eight skips. It'd be nice to beat the world record...

But since she was amusing herself way too much, and pretty determined to beat the world record, she hadn't heard Zuma calling for her. Not until she got a tap from him "GAH!" she yelled in shock.

"Oh! Uh... Sorry Skye, Ryder's calling us for assemble, and realized you were missing. Something up?" he asks, tilting his head. Skye shook her head with a smile "Nothing, really. Just really bored of waiting for the other pups to wake up" she remarked.

The Chocolate Labrador just nodded, then found a stack of stones beside her "Ah, playing the classic Stone skipping, eh?" he says, as he attempts to do the same, and ended up having his stone with skipping of five skips.

"I'd love to play with you, but Ryder's calling us. Maybe we can play this game next week when we go to the beach" he suggested withe smile. Skye returned the favor, as she smiled in return "I'd love that" as the two pups skipped their way to Ryder.

As soon as the boy saw them, he had knelt down to hug them "I was worried for you two! I thought something bad has happened" he says, as he pats Skye and Zuma's head in relief. "Well, let's go pups" he starts "Let's go to the look-out. Rocky, you can ride with Marshall. While You Skye, can ride with Chase"

Marshall and Rocky shared a high-five, then both had hopped in to the already transformed doghouse. Same goes to Chase and Skye, although, they didn't share high-fives, instead... Looks. He seems sad Skye notices. She decides to ask him when they had hit the road already.

After Mayor Goodway had hopped into Ryder's vehicle, all the pups, including Ryder, zoomed out of the campsite, and their way back to Adventure Bay.

When they had dropped off Mayor Goodway at the City Hall, they then drove off to the look-out. After all the vehicles were turned back into doghouses, and Ryder's vechile parked in his garage...

Everyone decided to do something. All the pups played, while Ryder? Somehow fixing his vehicle again. Seriously, will that bike of his, last a day without getting fixed the next day?

As every pup were playing, including Skye. She was tackled by Rocky. "What the--" then was cut off as Rocky placed a paw on top of her. "Shh" he shushed "Follow us" he commanded, as she found him tip-toeing.

The Cockapoo looked to her right to see all the pups doing it, except... Marshall and Chase? What the heck is going on? "Skye! Follow us!" Rubble whisper-yelled, as Skye obeyed and tip-toed behind them.

"What just happened, why aren't Chase and Marshall coming?" Skye asked, kinda bummed that she's been called on a secret meeting without him. It's just as if she ate his last bone for the other pups without telling him.

Rocky smirked "Do you know what day it is tomorrow?" He questions, with raise eyebrows. Skye went to think "Chase's birthday. Wait... You don't mean--"

"Mhm~ we're going to throw him a surprise birthday party! And Marshall's doing us a favour! By distracting our mature pup, Chase." Rocky replies, happily.

Then Zuma bathed in "Although, we better be careful. Chase is quite alert, and a good sniffer, and a good listener. That's why we have to be quiet and be sneaky as we set up his party" he says.

Rubbls then nods "We can't easily fool Chase, y'know?" As all the pups nodded.

"Easily fool who?"

The four pups gasped in horror.

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