My Mama Said

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My mama always told me,
       Nice girls Don't take the lead.
Nice girls let the nice boys ask,
and provide for all we need.

You looked so pretty dancing.
My heart and mind insist.
I asked you if you'd like a song.
I knew you would not resist.

My mama said to love you.
Like the church loves her lord.
But you've never been that holy.
And I think we'ed both get bored.

Instead, I want to love you.
Like that sailor loves the sea.
For even when you're full of storms.
You're beautiful to me.

My mama used to tell me.
To use my mind before my heart.
But If I followed that advice.
You and I would be apart.

For you're a diamond in the ruff.
So rare, and hard to be.
My heart realized your kindness,
long before my mind could see.

My mama's a great lady.
And my dad is a great man.
But my life is my own.
And I like to follow my own plan.

I have always been a leader,
but I'll gladly follow you.
But only if you promise.
You will follow me too.

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