New Client

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Akira's pov

Today I made rava idlis for my baby for his brunch as he is getting ready for his school.
Mom came with daddy to the dinning table and we all sat and breakfast is served by Shanti didi (our maid).

Vidit jumped on to me, sat on my lap and I fed him bread-Jam.
We talked normal stuff and then I left home with Vidit to drop him.

After waving him bye and a kiss, I reignited my car and drove towards my design studio. Today is going to be a long day as I have so many sketches to complete.

Later, my assistant told me that another new client is going to come today in the later evening time. I asked her why she gave the appointment for so late hours's not that I don't like my work but I hate to sit back late...especially when my loved ones are waiting at home... But now I have to wait ...great just great..!!Arrrrgh ...!!!!

Anyways, work is work...!!! I asked her about the details and told her I will be waiting....and then began to visit my staffs.

After checking everything, I decided to sketch few new designs ...this is the only thing that keeps me sane almost most of the times....!

I was drawn....when someone cleared throat....I looked up to meet a girl of around 22 years, she was very beautiful with blue eyes and black hair... something about her said she is special.
Behind her was my assistant Nikita, who told introduce this girl as Smriti Rathore....I have heard/seen her somewhere...but can't recall.
I shook my hands with her and asked her sit with me on the couch. Yeah, that's where I sit with my clients and discuss unlike my office table.

I asked her what can I help her with?

She said- See Akira, one of my friends told me about your studio...and you are my only hope!!! (What!!??)
And I must say you have quite a collection...(how sweet!)
She told me very excited- I am going to be engaged within two weeks with the love of my life, Kartik Rajvanshi.
And she wanted me to design an exquisite couple ensemble for the occasion. And she wanted something Royal as the engagement is going to take place in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

I said- Look Smriti, I am not going to give you false hopes...since the time you are giving me is very less...

Her face fell a little but she then made a puppy face....and I somehow just couldn't gather the courage to say I sighed!

I said- Ok I will do it!

She jumped... clapping her hands...and gave me a hug!!! O God! She is one energy bomb!

Thank you thank you thank you soooooo soooooo much darling- she said with a shiny eyes!!!

I told her to relax and then we began to discuss about her preferences.
I made notes and asked her to reach me after 2 days.

She again hugged me and then left my studio saying- she you in two days beautiful!!!

Wow! This is going to be crazy!

It was already 8 pm so, I quickly drove back to my place.

Later like always I talked to my parents over dinner with my Vidit. And soon we called it a night.

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