Chapter Fifty One

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Both Mum and Noah had sent me messages to let me know my Boy's were sleeping soundly in their Cot's.
The Farm yard around us was pitch black when Blayze finally parked the Ute out the front of our two storey Home.
The large front window's of the house were uncovered and I could see that the TV was on, along with a few lamp's.
"I enjoyed our little City escape.... but I am glad to be Home."
I informed Blayze, stretching my arm's over my head.
"Couldn't agree more."
He replied, reaching forward to cut the engine.
Now it was time to mosey on inside.
And see Noah and Codie's reaction's when they found out I'd sprained my ankle!
A big part of me had wanted to let people back home know about it, but time had slipped away from me while we'd been trying to find our ring's.
Of course, I'd had a six hour car drive where I could've made phone calls.
But Blayze and I had used that time to talk.
Sing along to music!
"You ready?"
Blayze asked, right hand poised on the driver's side door handle.
"Oh yeah!"
I quickly unbuckled my seat belt.
"Do you want me to carry you in, or do you want to show off your crutches?"
He asked.
"I want to burn those fucking crutches!"
I growled.
My arms were killing me.
I was pretty sure I had chaffing across my under arms, if not bruising.
The crutches could go to hell.
Blayze laughed!
I urged, impatient to get inside.
I wanted to see my Babies, even if they were asleep.
And our Dog's.
And sit on my couch with a hot cup of tea...
Blayze pushed the driver's side door open and climbed out of the car.

Because we're pretty good at teamwork, I twisted the door handle and pushed the large front door open while Blayze carried me Princess style.
A pack of overly excited Canine's barely let us get through the doorway, more than one Dog whining in sheer excitement.
"Get back!"
Blayze ordered the pesky group.
Bandit threw his head back, gave a woof and scampered back a step.
I couldn't help but laugh!
Zuke rose onto his hind legs, sniffing loudly as he tried to reach me.
"Hey my boy!"
I greeted my Dog, stretching my arm out to pat his blocky head.
The door closed behind us with a gentle thud.
"So the night away went well then!"
Codie remarked, half twisting around from where he sat on our leather lounge.
Noah, sitting beside Codie, twisted around also.
She greeted, grinning.
I offered the couple a wave.
"You guys are cute!"
Noah remarked, her blue eyes twinkling.
"She can hardly walk."
Blayze replied.
Codie crowed!
"So the night away was that good eh?"
A fierce blush engulfed my cheeks, but I pushed through it and poked my tongue out at the Guy who looked like a man, but was definitely a child trapped inside a man's body.
Blayze helped me down to the wooden floor and I hopped a couple of times, grabbing onto his arm as I tried to find my balance.
"Are you okay?!"
I looked to the couch to see Noah was now half hanging over the back of the furniture.
"I sprained my ankle."
I explained, blushing even more.
Noah gasped, her eyes going wide.
Grimacing, I nodded.
"Bro, what did you do?"
Codie asked, looking thoroughly amused.
"It wasn't him!"
I rolled my eyes.
"I landed badly when I jumped off the mechanical Bull at the Woolshed."
Codie threw his head back, laughing!
"No way..."
Noah denied.
But it was entirely obvious that she, unlike her Fiancé, was at least trying to hide her amusement.
I admitted.
Movement at the stair's caught my attention and I swivelled around to see a figure coming down from the second floor.
A familiar figure, I realised when the person was half way down.
"What are you doing here?"
I asked Heath.
"Nice to see you too."
Blayze's Brother retorted, stepping off the last step.
I rolled my eyes.
"You know what I mean!"
"There's ummm... kind of a... problem..."
Curious and albeit a little worried, I turned my gaze from Heath who was now making his way towards the non Doggy armchair, to Noah.
"Yeah, welcome back guys!"
Codie chimed in, his smile noticeably forced.
"What's goin' on?"
Blayze asked, sounding less than amused.
"Peyton said she's not going to be a Bridesmaid anymore. And we had a massive fight."
Heath stated, snatching a beer stubby off the coffee table before sitting down in the armchair.
I looked from Heath, to Noah, to Codie and each one of their faces gave away that this was indeed no joke.
Heath wore a frown, but I could see the troubled storm in his blue eyes.
Noah looked worried, chewing on her bottom lip.
Codie wore a serious face and stayed quiet.
Still holding onto Blayze's arm for balance, I hobbled around to be able to look up at his face.
We're away for one day and shit goes wrong?
He met my gaze, then turned his eyes onto his little Brother.
"You alright mate?"
He asked.
I was reeling.
Since when did Peyton not want to be in the Bridal Party?
"I just can't wrap my head around the fact that she's actually such a self absorbed fuck-wit!"
Heath gritted, obvious rage ringing in his words, although he kept his voice down.
"I can't deal with this..."
I let go of Blayze's arm and half hopped, half limped my way towards the hallway.

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