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"we are the best from the east to the west, we are the team that don't take no mess, you like our style and you like the way we rock, we are the team that can't be stopped!"

mackenzie rallied up her cheer girls for the friday night game, excitement felt in all. the cold night air was making them shiver in their tight uniforms, but as they cheered and they waved and they danced and they flipped, none of them noticed. the stands were beginning to fill up with spectators chatting, most carrying hot dogs or fries they had brought at the stalls selling food below. on the field, the footballers were running through some drills, and if mackenzie sqinted enough she could just make out johnny, the team captain, calling out names and correcting players as they ran.

as both football teams jogged up closer to the spectators, eager for attention from the crowd, mackenzie directed her cheer squad, leading them through their routines.

"our team is red hot, our team is red hot, our team is red hot, our team is r-e-d h-o-t, once we start we can't be stopped!" they finished each cheer with waves of their pom poms and a quick routine, mackenzie frequently at the front doing numerous backflips and backhandsprings in a row to the delight of the crowd.

when the announcer for that nights game came down to introduce each team, johnny jogged over to the cheer girls, jersey in hand. noticing this mackenzie walked over to meet him, excitement flooding her veins as the girls behind her squealed. she'd filled them in on the situation, and they'd loved the gossip, encouraging her and becoming excited on her behalf.

by the time they reached eachother mackenzie stomach was in knots, disbelieving that he was actually right in front of her as opposed to her phone screen- but god did he look good in real life.

he was much taller than she expected, probably reaching up to six foot. he was tan, skin devoid of an marks and pearly white teeth stretched into a wide smile. the tight football uniform only emphasised how built he was, but mackenzie couldn't keep her eyes off of his. they were a bright emerald colour, like that of sea-glass. frankly, they were the prettiest eyes she'd ever seen.

"well fuck," he grinned when they both came to a standstill, "heyy."

mackenzie couldn't help the smile that took over her face. "i've got deja vu." she joked along with him, giggling. "good one, orlando."

he shrugged, laughing. "it did seem fitting."

mackenzie rolled her eyes, but the wide grin she had let him know she wasn't annoyed in the slightest. "nice uniform." she joked, nodding towards the jersey and helmet he had in one hand.

"thank you." he took a wee bow. "i was told by a special someone that they wanted to wear my jersey, but," he pretended to look around and look for someone, "i cant seem to find them."

"well," mackenzie couldn't seem to keep the damn smile off her face, "i don't know where they are, but there's a cheerleader standing right in front of you that's freezing her ass off in a short dress. maybe you could give it to her." at the end of her sentence, she winked and he laughed.

"you'll have to do then." he joked, holding out the jersey for her to take.

to his surprise, she took the jersey and dropped it on the ground before wrapping him in a hug, her arms around his neck. he recovered quickly, placing his hands on either side of her waist and squeezing. she shrieked, clearly ticklish, and he laughed again.

"you look even better in person." he grinned down at her, unable to resist.

she looked up at him and brushed her curls off her shoulder. johnny quickly spotted a red and lacy bra strap peeking out of the side of her uniform.

"what's this?" he asked flirtily, raising his eyebrow in a mocking way as he flicked it against her skin.

she didn't even bat an eyelash at his coyness, and simply sassed him right back. "that, johnny boy, is something you might get to see more of if you're nice to me tonight."

johnny mockingly wolf whistled at her, taking his head down to her neck and dragging his lips along the skin there before kissing it softly. mackenzie's reaction was instentaneous; her toes curled with pleasure and she exhaled into his ear, clearly communicating how she felt about him touching her.

"you like kisses there, hmm?" he said low in her ear. "i'll remember that."

bright red, she pulled away slightly. "fuck." she cursed when she realised they were in public. she'd already forgotten what she was there to do.

"pda shy?" he teased.

"not normally. this is different. you'd probably fuck me right here if i let you."

he snorted. "what can i say. you get me going, ziegler." once again, he had the audacity to wink.

she laughed at him, looking over his shoulder to his football buddies that were oh-so-obviously watching him. she nodded at them. "we have some admirers."

he let her go and turned around, flipping them off when he saw they were staring. they cracked up, and on inspection when he turned back around mackenzie noticed his cheeks were flushed. picking up the jersey from the ground, which had been their main reason for meeting, mackenzie slipped it over her head and pulled it down. she gave him a flirty twirl.

"do i scrub up alright?" she asked with a radiant smile.

"very. i'm glad you're the first girl to wear my number."

mackenzie gasped. "i'm the first?"

"i may be a whore, but i'm picky when it comes to this. count yourself lucky." he picked up his helmet that he had dropped when she hugged him and started walking backwards.

mackenzie placed a hand over her heart. "i'm honored." she yelled out as she also walked backward towards her cheer squad.

"you should be. meet me back here after the game?" he yelled, and she put both thumbs up in the air. satisfied, he turned back around, and so did she, ready to cheer him on from the sidelines.


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