3 | Chapter Three

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The intelligence.

There was an odd smell of hot metal, ash and sandalwood lingering in the air. Trudging through the thick layer of roots scattered along the ground, Macey followed her nose to her next lecture, which was adornments, located in an old oak tree in the middle of the campus.

Pushing back the vine-covered door, she gasped at the sight she was looking at, wondering whether this was a dream or reality.

If Macey was a mouse in a grandfather clock, the sight she was looking at was the comparison. A gold stream of magic ran through the bark of the tree, preventing it from rotting away. Jutting from the trunk of the tree were moving cogs, shining gold against the dragon fire chandelier that swung in the breeze. In the back was a forge, one that held weapons such as giant axes, swords and firearms of all shapes and sizes. However, she couldn't see her professor, which meant that the professor couldn't see her.

Macey's soft-brown eyes scrutinised every chair in the lecture hall, scrambling to find the one person who was defiantly meant to be here. She scrunched her face up, shaking her head in disbelief while keeping herself hidden behind a wall.

Where is she?

Macey kept her eyes out for a specific metal mage, one that's short in stature, has a curly Afro that doesn't pass her shoulders, dark olive sun kissed skin and most likely wearing something glittery and frilly. But no matter how hard she squinted, Macey couldn't find her.

Just when she was about to give up and sit down next to a complete stranger, Macey began to hear the metal cogs behinds beginning to clatter and shake, making her jump from the sudden noise it made.

Suddenly, a hissing sound caught her ears, making Macey sigh in relief as the female she tried desperately to find was tucked away in the darkness of the room. How'd I miss her? thought Macey, due to the fact that she was wearing such a fabulously glittery one piece, it made her question her own eyesight.

"Crikey, Mace," muttered the female who had a rather heavy Australian accent. "Hurry up. I don't got all day."

Thank goodness Shaz is here, thought Macey while she used her stealth skills to sneak her way over to her best friend in the entire world.

Shannon Morrison was her whole name, but everyone back in their hometown called her Shaz. Twelve years of being best friends and the pair of them decided that they would attend Grendilton together — even saving up enough cash to be in the same dorm together.

"I owe you, Shaz," muttered Macey as she tucked her bag underneath the desk. "I can always count on you to have my back, huh?"

Shaz shook her head, sweeping her curly hair behind her ear. "Of course Mace, I knew you weren't gonna pull a sickie on me. Where ya been?"

"I just finished my elemental test," whispered Macey, grabbing her notebook from her bag. "I got nervous last night and well..."

Shaz gave Macey a dirty look, one filled with disappointment and sadness at the same time. She knew that her best friend was always there for her for anything, but Macey didn't want to burden her with everything that occurs in her life. 

Attempting to shake off Shaz's scornful glare, Macey shook her head. "Anyway, I past with flying colours. I got all five attributes."

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