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I knew she belonged to him but the thought of her missing unnerved me. I was thankful he allowed me to help look for her. I hated myself for still loving her so much. I didn't think I could ever forget her if I was honest with myself.

There had to be something missing. I walked towards the divide one more time hoping I would find this needle in the haystack. It was like she vanished into thin air. The faint smell of lemons hit my nose briefly and I shivered. It drew me closer and I did not understand.

In the distance, I could see what looked like a body on the ground. I froze unable to move as fear crushed into my chest pushing hard causing me to wince. I recognized right away who it was. The Alpha in me finally kicked in and brought me out of my stupor and I ran towards her.

I was relieved to see she was breathing as I picked her up in my arms. I had to get her to Derek right away. I looked down at her rounded belly and for a moment a sadness filled me. I had wanted her to carry my child but I knew it was not meant to be and deep down I was happy that she was happy. She loved him that much was true and I could never compete with that.

Alpha, I found her near the divide come now

I turned off the connection as quickly as I opened it. I could not take his emotions on top of my own right now.


I heard her moan lightly as she called his name

"Issy, it is me, Max, he is on his way,"

"I met her Max," she whispered.

"Met who?' I looked down at her trying to understand what she meant in those beautiful eyes but Mr. Wonderful came up behind me and her eyes only sparkled for him.

I passed her off to him and his hands shook. I knew his wolf struggled with the fact that I held his mate as likely did the man but he remained composed as he swaddled her close in his arms.

"What happened?" Where was she? He demanded.

"I found her laying on the ground, she was passed out at first," I told him.

"Demon," Issy moaned her voice barely audible but still I could make out her word clearly.

"We have searched this area over and over how is it none of us found her before but you have?" Derek's eyes bore into mine. He and his wolf at that moment were as one as the colors of the two melded together as one. One can fear the wolf but a man who is at one with his wolf is so much more. It requires sacrifice on both sides and a strength not many have.

"I know, remember? I rushed here as soon as you told me to help," I reminded him but I never once took my eyes off of him.

"Lock him up," Derek said to one of his men as he carried her away. If she protested to tell him the truth I did not get a chance to hear it as they grabbed and restrained me quickly. I did not fight it either.

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