Part 2

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Masky's POV
We were ordered to gather supplies for that nights kill. We got basic groceries along with Gasoline and matches. Toby also needed some new hatchets. We were worried it would look suspicious, so we bought a tent to make it look like we were just camping...

As we were checking out, the other 2 didn't even notice the girl stroll up behind us... she paid no attention to us, but I payed plenty of attention to her. She had beautiful sparkling E/C eyes... and her H/L, H/C hair perfectly matched her eyes. She was drop dead gorgeous.

But there was something else about her... I couldn't quite put my finger on it though.

She glanced up at me and I quickly turned around.. We checked out but I couldn't get her face out of my head... God! She was beautiful!

The others loaded the loot in, but I kept looking at the doors. Waiting. Finally as we were almost done, she strolled out. Halfway through she looked over at us,

she looked at me...

My heart was pounding and her beautiful E/C
look deep into my own... I whispered to Hoodie, Not taking my eyes off her, "Hoodie, take a look." Without any caution he turned around and faced you.

God he's an idiot.

I wanted to smack him, she started walking to her car. I made a mental note of her License plate as she finished and packed up. Toby has caught up on what was happening. Him and his dopey self was now also starring at her.

Something arose within me...

I don't why but... think I might go mad if I can't have her...?

I ordered Hoodie to tail her..

To my surprise and utter happiness, we discovered She lived right next to the woods were we happen to live in.

We stayed way back, after quickly putting on our "Work" clothes, we ran to her house. Toby was most eager to see what me and Hoodie had been so excited about.

I was annoyed to see he had almost the same reaction as me. 'Absolutely Smutten'

We watched her on the couch for awhile. She ended up dozing off.. She seemed so peaceful..

Eventually we went to do are 'job.' It went by quick. Afterwards, as we walked through the forest..

all of us had the same exact same idea...

To take her.

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