Chapter Seven

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"I am so sorry.."Uraraka begins. "I am a bitch, a jerk, Call me what you fucking want, i don't give a fuck." She starts at Izuku.

"Uraraka-san. I would never call you those things." He wrapped Uraraka in a warm bear hug. "We all make mistakes."

Uraraka looks down at her lap and fiddles with a loose peice of string. "But I hurt Tsuyu to much." She looks at Izuku with sad eyes. Looking back down, she says, "And.. I really like her. Like.. you know. Like-like." She sighs. "I- .. when I look at her.. I just can't hold a thought in my head." Her tears burn her eyes. Uraraka hates the fact she has been crying so much lately.

"Do you want me to talk to her?" Izuku questions.

"No, definitely not."

"Not about that, just about you being sorry."

"Yeah, thats fine.. Thanks, Izuku." She says, giving him a huge hug. "You are a great friend."

They gather Ochaco's stuff and walk slowly to class. As soon as they step into the classroom, everyone starts laughing at her. But Tsuyu just looks at her with sad eyes. Ochaco tries to run, but one thought makes her stay.
She, herself, doesn't even know that thought. She takes a deep breath in and walks slowly to her desk. Her mind runs, with horrible thoughts coming and going in a mix of fear. She  drops her things on her table and sits down. She looks right at Tsuyu, with her brown orbs shining. The feeling creeps into her stomach, and a slight blush dusts over her face. She looks down at her hands, biting her lip. Tsuyu looks at Ochaco with wide, curious eyes.


Sitting all alone, is Uraraka. She stares at her food with tears falling down onto her food. She places the fork in her hand down to touch the bruise on her cheek. She flinches at the contact. Next thing she knew, she was surrounded by the 'Baku Squad'.

"Heard you had a little Temper Tantrum?" Said the blonde, evil male standing in front of her.

"Yeah, run to your muuuummy?" Said a pink haired bitch. Everyone around her laughs at her remark.

Uraraka pushes her tray forward and it spills over the girls uniform.

"Animal.." Mina spits.

"Oi, Floaty Bit-"

"Don't you DARE finish that sentence, Bakuhoe." Uraraka turns, to be met by a kind face and... Tsuyu Asui.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME 'FROG GIRL'???!!" Bakugou said with a usual frown.

Uraraka taps the tray and puts her fingers together. She makes it float over Bakugou and releases the extra food onto his head. Once this deed is done, she runs out of the lunchroom and turns the corner.


A/N: I know I made Mina a Bitch.. but... Mehhhhhh. Anyways, I had the energy to make this. Thank you so much for the support and love this is receiving ♡♡

Word count: 488

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