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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

"Yo' birthday next month, and you ain't start thinking bout what you wanted to do

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"Yo' birthday next month, and you ain't start thinking bout what you wanted to do. You must not be tryna do nothing" I said walking in Kamrynn causing her to turn around and look at me

"I already told you I'm having a weed party" she looked at me and smirked then started laughing


"I'm glad yo' ass think you having a weed party. You can have a regular party" I corrected her

"With weed in it" she said

"You already know family gone wanna be there, and you talking bout a weed party"

"Okay and what they suppose to do?" she looked was at me with a blank face

"just know you ain't having a weed party. That's disrespectful" I said for the thousandth time, but she still don't get it

"Whatever, but the whole Atlanta better be there"

"If I got something to do with it then you already know it's finna be wrap" I started dancing

"Period, but look when I tell you this don't go crazy" I scrunched my face up

"No promises" I held my hands up in surrender

"Okay, I know you told me to stop messing with Zaviyon months ago. Ian listen though, and we made up again and we back together" I started laughing cause she funny

"that was funny crack another joke real quick"

"I'm dead serious, but this time it's different" different as in?

"Ian even gone do or say to much cause I seen this shit coming. Ima be nonchalant bout it, I told you the first time, but you hardheaded. Do what you wanna do"

She looked at me in relief

"So you ain't mad?" She Asked Looking surprised. I'll be surprised too

I shook my head "that's what you wanna do. You ain't no lil girl no more, so you can make yo' own decisions. Life is made for you to learn lessons, especially when you hardheaded"

"So he can come to my party?"

"Yeah, ian got no problem with Zay. He cool, but he ain't somebody I see you with" I told her "but I'm up outta here, I'll be downstairs"

Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"Kamrynn leave them hoes alone" my cousin Samiyah said, but I wasn't letting up off they necks

"no cause these hoes said they gone jump me, and I'm waiting" I walked up to them "so y'all said y'all was gone jump me, wassup. It's just you, ion do that jumping shit. Yall can catch me one on one "

She looked up at me and stood up

"Oh hell nah" I heard Samiyah mumble coming up behind me

"I'm straight, I got this" I told Samiyah knowing she was gone jump in, and I was laughing. I was laughing cause I knew I was bout to beat this bitch brains out her head

I stood there waiting for her to swing and eventually she did. We was just fighting in the middle of class

On sight mean on sight right?

I felt people pulling me back and pushing me in the opposite direction from everybody. I got kicked out and sent to the office

I couldn't call my daddy cause he was working and he over exaggerate bout everything

he crazy as hell, and was gone flash on everybody

they called my grandma since her name was on my contact list. She came and got me after 30 minutes passed

"yo' ass stay doing something, you suspended again" Sherhonda said as they stood in the kitchen and she waited on her food to finish warming up

"grandma they said they was gone jump me on sight. I had one of them in my class and I wanted to fight. I wasn't finna wait til they all got together and seen me so they can jump me. That's weak and lame" I said explaining it to her

"well what y'all been fighting for?" she asked looking at me

"cause I got into a argument with one of them, and they all best friends. So they got made talking bout how they was gone jump me. Everybody at that school know not come for me, but they bold. I still want my fade with the other two" I said being serious

"girl leave that shit alone, you know they only doing that cause they know who yo' daddy is.That's the same reason why most of them don't come for you. They know Kentrell crazy"

" that's why I ain't call him, I called you. He still gone flash on me cause I just got in trouble"

" I heard bout that, yo' ass better start doing yo' work in class. Stop sitting in class doing nothing cause you don't feel like doing nothing or cause youn like the teacher"

I looked at her like she was crazy. She must of forgot who I am

" I still turn in it on time though. Y'all complaining for no reason" they really was, and that shit was getting annoying

" aight, ian got nothing else to say. That's all you, so do what you want" I laughed a lil bit not really paying her attention

I will cause I'm grown as fuck !


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