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Klaus x blind! reader

Words: 549

It was early morning and you couldn't sleep

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It was early morning and you couldn't sleep. You've always woken up at the same time every night. 4 am. You sighed as you shuffled in the sheets of your bed, trying to find warmth.

You felt cold, almost sad.

You jumped at the sound of a knock coming from your bedroom door.

"Who is it?" You whisper-yelled at the door.


"Come in"

You heard your door open and close as he stepped into the dark room.

"Can't sleep?" He chuckled as he crawled under the sheets with you.

"Yeah, I just kinda felt alone I guess"

He hummed.

You sat up a little bit, feeling for his hand.

You intertwined your fingers within his and cuddled next to his neck.

He sighed next to you and then kissed the top of your head.

"Oh the suns coming out a bit" he told you. He explained how the sun rise looked, as you had never seen it before. He explained the colors of the sky, how they slowly changed from a deep purple to a light pink as the sun came up over the hills. You could only imagine how the sun rise looked, it sounded beautiful.

You wondered how Klaus looked. What his features were like. If he had strange features (not that it would change anything but it was just a thought). You wondered how beautiful he was.

"Can I feel you?"

He choked a bit.

"U-uh, what?"

"Klaus, you know what I mean" you groaned in frustration.

"Oh yeah" he grabbed your hands and pressed your palms against his face.

You smiled lightly as you glided your fingertips over his lips. You smoothed your hands over his cheeks, feeling the warmth heat his skin up. You glided your you fingers over his eyes feeling his eyelashes and eyebrows. You brushed your fingers through his hair, feeling every curly lock in between your fingers and kissed his forehead.

"You have really long eyelashes" you giggled "what color are your eyes?"

"Uuuhhh I think they're... greenish, I really can't tell"

You sighed "I bet they're beautiful, just like you" you rubbed his cheek with the pad of your thumb "I wish I could see you Klaus"

You felt yourself get a little choked up

"I know, but you can't worry doll, your alright"

He hugged you and wiped the tears you didn't even know you had.

He cuddled you back into his chest as he wrapped his arm around you.

You imagined the sun coming up and resting upon the hills. You imagined him and his beautiful eyes. You imagined his smile. Even without your sight, you still felt like you saw him every single day.

You drifted off back to sleep in his arms as you felt his heart beat steady.

He was so happy with you. Even with your lack in sight, he loved every single peice of you. He would never tell you but it made him so happy when you would ask him to describe the sunsets and sunrises, or the people around you. Whenever he was around you he felt calm. Happy. Free. and no one, not anyone else, could make him feel that way.

A/n that was so short but so cute 😭

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