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We just talked the whole time back going to my place to which was our home. We talked about how much fun we used to have in the past and Mel was talking about shopping days already while with tae was to go skateboarding and for me I didn't really care because I just want to be with my best friends and have really fun but school is still on which I guess is okay cause it will end soon in a 3 months or so.

When we arrived home they got out and were surprised by how I remodeled our home cause I wanted to fix some things while they were gone and I knew that they loved it cause they started running an saying I get the biggest room but they apparently forgot about some of there luggage and me and I guess I have to take these cause I don't like people at my home plus I have hands and feet so I can do it perfectly fine with some struggles but I was able to bring them all in to the living room.

Guys I yelled. Yeah they said coming down. Come and take your stuff and plus the biggest room is mine now so shoo plus you guys only need one cause you guys are together so not a big deal they all basically have the same things except a few rooms. Okay mother.

Man I really missed them. Well you see they were the ones that have been helping me through the bills cause I was still not of age yet to start and at some point I wanted to give this home because I didn't want to put more stress on them than they already have but they wouldn't let me and I am glad because it's were I basically grew up on and I would have regretted it now thinking about it.

I hate going back to school or whatever I don't know anymore because I have to see and deal with people that never leave me alone but what ever I at least know that people are interested in my life I guess they never know when to give up and mind there own business which sucks because I wish that they mature and stop being stupid because it's dumb I in one hand have at least a reputation and a fan club so snobby bitch girls who never leave me alone and follow me like puppies and make me pissed when they try something really stupid to do but either way back to reality I go up the stairs to my room and lay down what I don't notice is that tears start to fall down like a water fall I don't know if stress, sadness, anger that the people I loved (her parents) left me alone in this world, or of happiness that I am not alone once again in this cruel way. I guess I became a baddie since my family was every thing to me and to have. I guess I just wanted to close my self so that nobody else hurts my heart more than it already had because deep inside my heart is breaking piece by piece by being someone else I am not. You may not believe this but I was a really happy and funny girl who has not seen the cruelty in this world because to me I see it as a challenge to survive in this place that I don't see light my eyes held nothing in them I know cause I made myself this way but I know I will break down soon of I keep hiding from all these troubles and act like a rebel to see it as nothing but playfulness.

I get up and get a small key and go to my wall and insert the key for it to open and I see all the things I have from my parents that I dearly miss. I grab there album and see them smiling I guess I want someone to open me up and make me the girl I used to be but people can never understand me cause I made sure they didn't on some ways. I wonder mother and father if you are watching over me or not people say that when people you dearly die they will always protect you but I don't know I guess I will have to see till the day I day and if my soul stays to take care and protect of those that I love do dearly when I grow up.

I look through more pictures and more tears start calling when I get to a specific photo the last photo we took it was on my 10th birthday we were all smiling and in our garden and I see my little self laughing and having the best day of my life and my eyes so innocent and full of just life. I wonder if I was able to go back to time would I be able to save you mom and dad but than if I save you would other people suffer from it later on I don't know anymore so much questions that I can't answer.

I put the album back in its place and lock. As than I head to the bathroom to clean my self because my tears ruined my make up badly. Once I am done cleaning my face I put on some pajamas and head to sleep with thoughts of parents and drifting into sleep.

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