Chapter Sixteen-"But you didn't let him"

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~Dedicated to moments where you can't help but smile~

Chapter Sixteen-"But you didn't let him"

It was like I had tripped over my legs and fell headfirst into hot lava. I could feel my face burning up, along with my ears and my palms grew sweaty. My mouth went dry and I could feel my heart rate accelerating to speeds that I was sure to give me a heart attack. My knees suddenly grew weak, and my legs went wobbly like jelly should be. Without warning, I felt myself falling forward, where two strong arms wrapped tightly around my waist to steady me from falling.

“Getting light headed around me already Lanter?”

My eyes were focused on Sean’s plain white shirt where it was clear that his muscles were just begging to tear through the flimsy cotton material. I blinked a few times, before sucking in a deep breath and looking back up, straight into Sean’s hazel eyes which were light with amusement. Up close, Sean’s lips seemed all the more inviting. They were full and almost alluring just to look at, so I forced my eyes to his instead. I noticed that his dark hair was falling messily over his forehead which gave him the totally bad boy look which I had to admit, was causing funny feelings in my stomach.

“Sean,” I breathed out.

He smirked at me before replying, “Surprised to see me?”

I didn’t trust my voice and nodded in answer.

This time Sean smiled, before he spoke again in his deep voice, “So where’s Davey boy?” he leaned closer, his breath caressing my face, “Isn’t he keeping an eye out on these guys,” his hand moved lower to my hip, “who clearly are checking you out.”

I bit my lower lip to stop myself from moaning, and allowed my fingers to tighten around Sean’s arms as my eyes slowly fluttered closed. But before anything could happen, I heard a familiar feminine voice which at that moment only made me feel annoyance blazing through my body and threatened to turn into anger. I sighed, and pulled away slightly from Sean only to stare at a grinning Amanda.

Amanda had obviously dressed to impress. She wore a tight fitting ruby, red dress that came just pass her thighs. It sparkled in the strobe lights and had long sleeves which came past her elbows, down to her wrists. Her hair was left open, in slight loose waves and her eyes were outlined with dark kohl which gave her an innocent look that I knew for sure did not exist. She stood a head taller than me, with her strappy black heels and she seemed oh-so-seductive with her dark wine stained lips.

“Vivienne,” she greeted with a warm smile, “you look amazing.”

I fought down the snappy tone that wanted to seep into my voice as I replied, “Thanks, you too.”

“Aww, you’re so sweet,” Amanda cooed, before slipping her arm through mine, “don’t you think Sean?”

Sean looked at Amanda as though he had just noticed her, but then he smiled widely, “Yeah,” he turned to me, smirked and then turned to the crowd, “so catch you two later?”

“Totally,” Amanda replied, before tugging me away from Sean.

As soon as we were in the centre of the crowd, Amanda turned to me with a knowing smile. She wiggled her eyebrows at me as she spoke, “So…”

I frowned, “So?” I repeated.

“What’s happening between you and Sean?” Amanda blurted.

I gasped, my eyes widening, “Uh w-what do you m-mean?”

Amanda laughed slightly, “Oh please Vivienne and it’s so obvious that he likes you and you well, you’re not chasing him away are you?”

I frowned, “I don’t like Sean in that way,” I replied, “and besides I have a boyfriend, remember?”

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