Arrival of The New Chick!

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An out-of-place appearing girl stepped from a sleek blood red limousine as her well built body guard stood to the side, carefully watching her actions as if she were a ticking time bomb.

The girl, Yuki Akumu, had dark auburn hair and silver eyes, which already gained her many strange looks. She, after much arguing with the headmaster, wore torn black loose jeans with chains hanging from the hips, a black fitted tanktop with a crimson upside down star and fishnet sleeves covering her arms, and red shoes with black soles and wheels in the soles(she had snuck these shoes out of her home, knowing that her parents wouldn't approve).

"Heh," She smirked as she looked at the students around her, all of which were staring at the new girl.

"Akumu-sama, I will return to pick you up after your classes," Said her body guard, who had black hair and emerald green eyes, and must have stood at least one and a half feet taller than the 5'4" girl as he bowed deeply.

"Hm.... Make it an hour after the academy ends, Nathan," The girl decided.

"Ma'am?" The man, Nathan, questioned respectfully.

"I want to see if I can find a club that interests me," She responded with a goofy grin. "And when you pick me up, try cutting the title crap. Kay?"

The guard let a small, fond smirk appear as he nodded to Yuki, who he had been watching over for eight years.

"Right. See you then, Yu." he chuckled, using her nickname.

She nodded in return before swinging her backpack over her shoulder and rolling into school, via skate-shoes.

She gained many strange, curious, and incredulous looks as she glided through the halls, weaving expertly through the crowds of highly dressed students. She stood out like a sore thumb, and she knew she was already branded as an outcast.

But that didn't change the fact that she couldn't care less.


After the academy, Yuki rolled through the halls, hoping to find a suitable club for her. She had heard of many clubs that caught her interest, judo, karate, moi ti, etc.

What could she say? She had a knack for fighting.

Bored and lost, she stopped and took in her surroundings. She was in a deserted hallway, right outside of a door labelled Music Room #3. Yuki loved music, so she curiously opened the door, only to be completely lost for words.

Inside the room were seven handsome boys. One tall blonde, two red heads, one blonde loli, two raven haired boys(one smaller and skinner than the other), and a brunette with a feminine face stared blankly at her. When she had entered, they had all- more like most all- been bickering about something like 'the next cosplay day theme', yet now they were all completely focused on her.

Things were silent as the silver eyed girl stared at the multiple eyes curiously watching her every move.


"Eh.... Could someone tell me where the mixed martial arts club is?" Yuki asked, quite awkwardly.

"Why Yuki-chan?" Asked the small Blonde boy, who Yuki recognized as Mitskuni Honinozuka from her class.

"Because I want to join and I can't find it," Yuki replied with a sheepish smile. "Mitskuni, right?"

The red headed twins and everyone else, save for the two ravenettes, looked back and forth from Yuki to Mitskuni.

"Honey-sempai..." Began one twin.

"You know her?" Finished the other.

"Uh-huh!" Chirped the small blonde boy. "Yuki-chan is in Takashi's and my class! She just arrived today!"

"So about that club...." Yuki started patiently, only for her to be ignored as the majority of them listened to Honey's excited story of how she had arrived to the class without moving her feet. "Or just ignore me.... That's cool too...." She trailed off quietly, going to leave.

"We wanna see!" The twins and the tall blonde boy cried, looking at her.

"See..... what exactly?" She asked, confusion clear in her voice.

"They wanna see you move without walking!" Chirped Honey. Yuki blinked.

"Oh, here." She kicked off and rolled across the room, going around the group a couple times before attempting to stop.

Key word: attempting.

Due to a randomly loose floor board, she tripped and was sent flying into a delicate looking vase, which was baby blue with a green gem in it.

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