I watched Hayley sit down and talk with her friends at lunch. After the date Friday night, I was a little angry at her for running off with that Liam guy, but seeing her smiling and laughing demolished that anger. She didn't even seem to notice I was watching her.

I noticed her acting really weird in the hallway and shouting random things, but her smile and laughter just made it cute to watch. God, how did I mess up my chance with her in the first place? Why did I have to go and reject her before I got to know her?

She was talking with Brooke and Liam at lunch, and she was laughing about something Brooke said. I was a little jealous they could make her laugh so easily and I couldn't-I couldn't even get a smile out of her-but it was worth seeing her smile.

I saw Michael's son, Josh, go up to Hayley and sit down next to Brooke. I heard them both say something, and Hayley smile. Her smile really was pretty.

She said something to Liam, and he just ignored her. Now I was wondering what she said.

"Hey, Joel," I said.

"What?" he asked.

"Go see what Josh is doing sitting next to Hayley, Brooke, and Liam," I said. "He should be sitting with us."

He nodded. "I'll be right back."

He got up and walked over to them. I saw Hayley tense and move over to sit closer to Brooke as Joel approached them. She really was protective over Brooke, wasn't she?

Joel and Hayley talked, and then he threw a punch at her. I was about to go over there and attack him for attacking my mate, but Hayley beat me to it. She ducked and kicked his legs out from underneath him. She stepped hard on his back and pulled him up. He tried to hit her again, but she blocked it and punched him in the eye. I could hear the crack all the way from where I was sitting. She finished with a kick to the stomach, breaking his ribs.

I was glad she could defend herself, but I didn't like it when she used her skills against me or my pack. She should be nice, she'll be their Luna in the near future.

The bell rang, and Hayley left to go to class, not even glancing my way. I felt a little hurt, and I had to resist the urge to go over there and claim her just so she'd notice me. But the brat Liam wouldn't let me near her, and Hayley would kill me before I even got the chance. I'd never seen her in wolf form, but she's deadly enough in her human form. Her wolf is probably deadlier than her human form.

I helped Joel to the nurses office, knowing Hayley's attack would take weeks to heal since she could put up a damn good fight, and went to my next class.

All I thought about was Hayley. She was slowly consuming my thoughts. Two weeks ago I wouldn't have spared her a second glance, but now she was on my mind all the time. I couldn't seem to get her out of my head.

She was so pretty with her long dark brown hair and tan skin. Her smile was dazzling and her eyes!! Damn, those light green orbs would be the death of me. But they were never sparkling when they landed on me, only filled with hate. The only time they were bright was when she was looking at Brooke or Liam. Damn them.

I sighed, and the final bell rang to go home. I hoped to see Hayley on my way out, but she was already driving off on her motorcycle with Liam on the back. I was tempted to run after them and throw him away from her, but Hayley wouldn't like that. And I'd do anything for her.

I went home and proceeded to do my homework. It was hard, due to my thoughts turning to Hayley, and I just didn't understand it. Hayley probably would have finished it by now, since she was really smart.

I shook thoughts about her out of my head and finished up my algebra homework. About halfway through my English homework, I felt a horrible pain burn in my chest. I gasped and clutched my heart, feeling the pain accurately. It hurt like hell, and I could only think of one person: Hayley. She must have accepted my rejection. And after all this time, I thought I'd still had a chance with her.

The wolf in me whimpered at the lost of its connection with their mate, but I quickly decided I wouldn't let her go so easily. She was my mate, my world. I was stupid enough to reject her, so I'm gonna win her back. Whatever it takes.

Forgetting about my homework, I grabbed my jacket and got in my car. I drove at full speed towards the pack house and parked in the driveway. I got out and practically ran inside the house.

I recieved respectful nods from the pack members, and I saw Josh.

"Josh!" I yelled. "Where's Brooke?"

"At her house," he said.

"With Hayley?" I asked.

"Why?" He scowled at me. He must have heard about the situation with Hayley and me.

"Because I need to know if she's alright." I was still hoping the pain wasn't from her accepting my rejection but of something happening to her.

"She's fine, no thanks to you," he said. "She's at her house with Brooke and Liam."

I glared at him. "That is no way to treat your Alpha!"

"You're not my Alpha, Tyler," he snapped. "And after what you did to Hayley, you don't deserve any respect. Besides, I'm not part of this pack anymore. I'm joining Crescent Moon, since Brooke's my mate."

"But Joel is Brooke's mate." I was confused. She was Joel's mate, so how was she Josh's mate too?

"Thanks to his rejection, she got a new mate," he said. "Just like Hayley will."

I froze in fear. "Hayley has a new mate?"

"Yeah. She accepted your rejection, so she has a new mate. You lost her."

"But why isn't Brooke joining this pack? If she joins, Hayley will join too."

"Brooke doesn't want to be near Joel, and I don't blame her. They don't want anything to do with Midnight Moon, and I agree with them. After the hell Joel put Brooke through, I'm surprised Hayley didn't kill him during lunch. She's capable of it, and I barely know her."

"Exactly," I snarled. "You don't know her. I do."

"Really?" Josh asked. "What's her favorite color?"

"Red," I said. She looks good in red, so it's gotta be her favorite color. Right?

He shook his head. "Even I know that's not her favorite color. And before you try saying you know more about her, you're not gonna compare to Liam. He knows everything about Hayley. Brooke does, too, but I have a feeling you don't care what Brooke knows. But I do, so just do them a favor and stay away from Hayley. Move on."

"I can't," I said. "She's my mate, and I'm going to get her back if its the last thing I do."

Josh shrugged. "It's your choice. Have fun dealing with the consequences." He went up to his room.

Shaking my head, I went up to my dad's office. He was doing paperwork, and he looked up when he saw me.

"Tyler," he said. "What are you doing here?"

"I have a proposition for you," I said.

"What is it?" he asked.

"We're still having that feud with Crescent Moon pack, right?" I asked.

"Yes," he said slowly. "Why?"

"What if we make an alliance?" I suggested. "Through mating."

My dad's eyes lighted up with interest. "Between who?"

"Me and Alpha Tristan's daughter, Hayley."

"Your mate?" he asked.

I nodded. "We need to mate anyway, and what way is better than to form an alliance through it?"

My dad nodded. "I like this idea. I'll run it by Tristan and see what he says. You're finally stepping up to the Alpha position, my boy."

I smiled and nodded. My plan was going smoothly. All I needed was Hayley, and then I'd have everything I want. I just wonder what she'll think of this.....

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