Meet Marco

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Marco's PoV

Hello. I'm Marco Diaz. I guess this is the part I tell you my backstory?

When I was younger - around my tenth birthday - my parents started acting different to me. They used to be the happiest people on the world! I was talking to my friends when I was told to go back inside. Being the child I was, I obeyed. When I got in my parents forced me onto a chair and took out a whip. They started beating me. I was horrified! Eventually it became a regular thing, then they started starving me, stopped me from seeing friends outside of school, etc. They told me not to tell anyone. As time went on, because I couldn't see my friends and  they must have thought I was turning on them. I wanted to tell them what was happening but I was to afraid. A few years later I had no friends (apart from Janna, Ferguson and Alfonzo). No one to talk to, no one's shoulder to cry on. It took a while but I found out why my parents hated me. When I was around 9 I accidentally tripped my mother up. "That doesn't sound so bad!" I hear you saying but unfortunately my mother... she was carrying a baby. I wasn't told this. And because of my mistake they have hated me ever since. And now i'm here. Echo Creek Academy. Still being watched by loneliness. Still being watched... by my parents.

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