Snuggle Talk (McDuke)

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Hello, everyone! This one-shot, in particular, was inspired by Roleplay Videos I found on Youtube! So, I hope you enjoy it!

Duke's POV

Earlier this evening, Heather invited me over for a sleepover. That's it. Nothing was added, only a sleepover, that means she has something planned out for me. Heather would usually add on pizza party or an ice cream party. I've checked the calendar twice, it isn't her birthday nor our anniversary. I'm determined to find out what she's hiding.

Now, here I am, out in the cold with a scarf, jacket, boots, and a pair of mittens I shaped into a bunny, which I make it talk. It wasn't too cold. However, it is now spring, and it's starting to warm up, but it's a bit chilly. But, the memories of Heather and I plume my heartstrings, which encourages me to move forward.

Heather's house is only a block away. Each time I visit her, I feel as if it's the first time. It's a welcome-home feel like you live there with an accepting family. There's always a warm blanket ready to be cuddled, a fluffy green couch to lay upon, and a toasty coffee waiting on the table. Except, this time, a cute blonde girl is waiting for me inside on that couch, I presume.

As I walk down the cobblestone street, I reminisce of the good times Heather and I had. Like the time I came out of a literal closet and came out as gay. Also, when she went out and we instantly started dating. We are madly in love with each other, and nothing has or will ever break our special bond.

I break out of my comforting memory and gaze at the McNamara Household. It's small, I will admit, but at least the inside makes me home, like a second house. My feet nervously climb the polished stone steps while I shakily grasp the black metal railing. The wooden door towers over my small frame as I approach the gilded handle, only to see a tall, bubbly blonde bounce up and down.

"Dukie! Come on in!" Heather smiled widely as she smothered me into her chest.

"Don't call me that!" I mumble through her fabric, slowly losing air.

Heather let me go, and she jogged to the couch, pulling a blanket over herself as she beckoned me to join. I oblige as I take off my sneakers and outside wear.

Mac lifts up a flap of the plaid covering and signals me to approach. I enter the warm chasm and nuzzle in between Heather's quite muscular legs, might I add. Her long limbs clamp around my waist; pulling me ever so closer. Heather's fingers run through my black hair, playing with it delicately. She twirls and tosses strands around like dolls across a children's daycare.

"Oh, Heather Duke, I love you so much, you don't even know," Mac sighed.

"Really now?" I teased as I groom Mac's soft blonde curls.

"Yeah, I mean, it's hard to not love you. You're my everything, the girl who cuddles up to me when she's cold, that's you, and it's cute!" Mac continues petting my head

"Well, I think of you as my overly cuddly teddy bear that protects me," I shuffle to get even cozier.

"Heh, I'm not that strong, I'm tall and lanky," Heather formed a frown sad enough to make an entire room upset.

"I'm still lucky to have you, at least you're by my side, for the most part," I reassured the tall blonde

"Thank you, I'm happy that I get to come home after a day of work and sit down with you and kiss you for an hour. Sometimes, it feels like a minute has passed," Heather strips off her yellow blazer, tossing it on the floor.

"Getting hot in here, Heather?" I giggled as Mac blushed

"A little bit,"

"I can just leave," I tease

"No, I want you to warm me up even more!" Mac pouted as she held me closer

"But, you're too hot!" I gasp for the slightest bit of cold, refreshing air.

"Anyways, you are just too cute in between my legs, I can just squeeze you like an orange!" Heather squeezed my torso.

"Heather, to me, you're my world! I'm glad to be a submissive girlfriend" I gaze into Mac's piercing ocean blue eyes that reflect my eyes.

"It's good to know that you're the submissive type, but I don't care, as long as you and I get to eventually have a family together. I'm fine!" Mac replied softly.

"I think we are meant to be, you and I, nothing has tried to separate us. Oh, Heather, I wish to be with you forever!" I swooned.

"I just hope the school will, one day, accept us for who we are," Mac's eyes color themselves a dreary gloom.

"Are you kidding me?" I pause dramatically, "If you look up in the dictionary the definition of gay, you'd probably find Heather Chandler!"

"You are so funny! I guess we don't have to be afraid. I mean, it doesn't matter what they think of us. We graduate in a few months anyway, so, fuck it, let's tell them how gay we are." Mac shifted excitedly.

"By making out by the lockers?" I suggest.

"Maybe on the cafeteria tables?" Heather nudged my breast with her leg.

"We're brave enough to make out by the lockers, not fuck on the eating tables!" I exclaim quietly.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, it'd be kind of gross." The curly blonde readjusts herself, "Come on, it's already past nine, let's go upstairs and cuddle for the rest of the night!"

"Alright, Heather let me take my princess up to her resting place," I say as I pick her up bridal style

I ascend the staircase with Mac in my arms, heading up to her large bedroom. As we enter, I quickly place her on the bed and scramble to cover her with her yellow blankets.

"Thank you, babe!" Mac pulled her covers closer to her face.

"No problem!" I reply as I get in next to her and rest my head on her bust once more.

"I love you, Dukie Pookie!" Mac giggled as she pats my head.

I sigh, "Love you too, Macaroni!"

"Now I see why you hate Dukie!" Mac smiles before resting her eyes.

"Heh, yeah, good night, babe!"

"Good night, my sweet honey pot!" Mac finished as I shut my eyes the last time that night.

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