Why Poetry?

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I don't claim to be the best poet. I have some old poems that I want to show off and sometimes I have to get things off my chest. I can't always add my situation into a story and make it make sense, so this will allow me to express myself. The first four poems will be old poems I wrote in high school. Anything beyond that, is how I will feel at the moment. My thoughts need out of this cage.

I just wanted to get back into some poetry. It was something I used to be good at in high school. I might be rusty so please bear with me. I will upload these poems at random since my mind cannot be controlled.

I will not be holding off any writing for other stories. Those will go as normal. This is just a side poetry book for me to let out my thoughts if they are trying to escape.

This poetry book might be very short since I don't dabble too much into poetry anymore so I hope that will suffice.

Please enjoy.

~ Lost (Monica Shantel)

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