Yes for a Day (Eret X Reader)

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After HTTYD 2

"Nope! You said that we get to choose what you have to do if you lose," Ruffnut reminded you with a devious grin.

"Yeah, and that means we're in charge," Tuff added, "so deal with it, sister. And prepare for the worst twenty four hours of your life."

Being part of the set of Thorston triplets, you often found yourself in situations like this. The three of you had made a bet to see who would win the annual dragon race. While Ruff and Tuff had bet that they'd win, you bet that Hiccup would. Well, neither of you were right, but your siblings had come in second place behind Astrid, so they won the bet.

You sighed in annoyance, accepting your fate. "Fine," you grumbled, crossing your arms, "name your terms."

Your brother and sister exchanged a look, having a silent conversation. It seemed like they'd discussed this earlier on. They both nodded and looked back to you, Ruff stating, "you have to say 'yes' for the whole day."

"And not just to us," Tuff added, "to everyone."

You mentally sighed in relief; this wouldn't be too bad, right? Unlike your siblings, you were a bit more kind and less devious, so saying 'yes' to the Berkians for a day would be easy. It was your brother and sister who worried you; you knew they'd go above and beyond to make you miserable. With a weary look on your face, you nodded in acceptance.

Tuffnut chuckled evilly, "alright, first order of business..."

It didn't take long for the two to have pushed you over the edge. After being forced to clean Barf's and Belch's stall, shine your siblings' helmets, and cooking them a full course meal, you'd had enough. You saw your chance to run away and you took it. Hiding in the Great Hall among a crowd of vikings, you were finally able to relax.

"Good day, (Y/n)," you heard a familiar voice call from your side. You turned to see Eret walking your way. Your heart thumped when you saw his charming smile. "Any chance you could help me out on the ship today? Hiccup wants me to lead a scouting mission for any rogue trappers still about. Figured the ship would be less conspicuous than dragons."

Helping with a scouting mission? No problem. "Sure thing," you responded with a sweet smile.

He was about to walk off with you when he remembered to put in, "oh! Also, just us. The fewer the better when it comes to stealth."

Helping with a scouting mission, alone with Eret in the middle of the ocean? That was a bit more of a problem. Your heartbeat sped up as you walked beside Eret out of the Great Hall. When he noticed your silence, he asked in concern, "is that alright?"

"What? O-oh, yeah," you tried to sound calm, "not a problem." You were going to kill your siblings when you got back.

"Good," Eret replied with a satisfied grin.

Soon, you were on the ship and setting sail. It wasn't long before you began to regret not bringing warmer clothes, however. By the time you were miles away from Berk, you began to shiver.

Eret noticed you clutching your arms to your body. You quickly tried to play it off, not wanting to seem weak. Brushing pretend dust off your bicep, you let your arms fall. "Stray hairs," you explained with an innocent smile.

But Eret only grinned crookedly. "Would you like my vest?" He offered in amusement, "it's much warmer than what you've got on."

You felt your heartbeat speed up. Of course you wanted to wear his vest, and not just because it would keep you warm. Even so, normally, you'd reject this immediately, not wanting to seem needy or flirty. But Ruff and Tuff would find out if you said 'no' in these twenty-four hours, somehow. So you smiled awkwardly, "yep..thanks..."

Eret chuckled as he removed the off-white polarbear fur vest. But instead of handing it to you, he desided to slip it over your shoulders himself. Standing behind you, he wrapped you in the fur, making your cheeks blush. With lidded eyes and a knee-weakening smile, he looked over your shoulder and down at you, "better?"

Looking up, you stuttered, "y-yes."

With an amused grin, Eret made his way back to the wheel of the ship. With one hand steering, the other held a spy glass to his eye. You couldn't help but admire him while he wasn't looking. But of course, he caught you staring. You mentally kicked yourself, face growing pink as you looked away.

Eret made a dramatic pose and joked, "like what you see?"

Boy were your siblings in for a hurting when you got home. You sighed stressfully before mumbling quietly, hoping he wouldn't hear, "..yes."

But he had heard. His smile turned into a look of shock. He'd only been joking, but the fact that you'd said yes made his heart jump. But he quickly recovered his cool, walking toward you with a charming smile. "What was that?" He questioned.

"Nothing," you answered with zero confidence.

You turned your face away in attempts of hiding you reddness. Eret turned his head to the side adorably, squinting his eyes. "Are you..blushing?" He asked, gently turning your face back to look at him.

Looking into Eret's kind hazel eyes, you lost all will to fight your attraction. "Yeah.." You breathed out.

His face was just inches from yours. You breathed the same air for a moment, until you couldn't take it anymore. You tip-toed and crashed your lips into his. It was short, for you pulled away quickly after realizing what you'd done. But Eret's charming grin remained as he wrapped his large arms around your waist. He leaned back down and met your lips again.

Your eyes fluttered shut with bliss at the feeling of Eret's lips on yours. A small suction noise popped when he pulled back. Eyes looking dreamily down at you, Eret put a hand on your shoulder. Playing with the fur of his vest, he smiled sideways, "this looks good on you."

You grinned back, "it looks better on you."

Eret raised his eyebrows as if impressed by your sudden compliment. You giggled and kissed his cheek before wiggling out of his grasp. Maybe you wouldn't kill your siblings after all.

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