Chapter 10

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A/N Let's just have Minho's POV and the rest of the packs thoughts, how about that?

Minho's POV

    Jenson. That slinthead. I thought he dead, guess not. What are the Deaths Games? And What does he mean by something 'evil'?  That is what is going through my mind right now. He said something about getting help from the pack. "I guess I'm going to Derek's."

I make it to the place they meet at and knocked. Derek, I'm guessing, opened the door. 

"What do you want?" he says grumply. "It's about Thomas. Someone we hate took him and Newt. I need help to get them back." I say quickly. He moved away so I can go inside. I looked around to see everyone here. 

"What happened to Stiles?" Scott asks. I tilted my head to side, not knowing a Stiles. "Someone took Thomas and Newt." I said getting to the point. Scott got up quickly murmuring something. I continued to talk. " I got a letter from a guy who we thought was dead saying they're in the Death Games."

"What are the Death Games?" asked Kira. "I don't know. I think it's a continuum of the Maze, Scorch and Death Trails."

"What are those? They don't sound good." asked Liam. I just said not right now. I gave Scott the letter. He looked up from the letter. "The nogitsune." He says. "What is the that?" I asked.

"Of course. Why else would he mean by 'evil' with Stiles!" Scotts says while gathering stuff. "Where are you doing we can't go anywhere until Jenson gives us a clue." I said confused.

"The Death Games is about rebirthing the nogitsune in Stiles. That's why it's called the Death Games. Last time this happened, thousands of people died. We lost a few of our own. People got hurt, some still haven't healed." Lydia says looking at Scott  while tearing up. Scott hangs his head low, taking a breather. "If that is what Jenson is doing, than we need to find them quick before something happens."He says looking up with red eyes.

Scott's POV

This is bad, really bad. I lost y first love to him. Lydia lost her first real boyfriend to him. I almost lost my brother to him. I'm not going to lose my brother for the third time. I just can't. 

"Should we tell the Sheriff about this?" I asked.

"Yes you should if it means I'll get my son back. To Hell and back if I have to." I turned to find the Sheriff there. When did he get there? "I came over here to tell you all that Stiles and Newt was taken. But you already know. When do we start?"

No One's POV

Injecting serum 363 into patient. 

Injecting serum 250 into patient.

Waking patient up.

Patient symptoms: pale skin, dark eyes, purple-black veins, and dark bags.

Killing patient in three... two... one.




Patient is dead.

Waiting what happens.

Patient *gasps loudly*.

Trail 13 went successfully.

"Welcome Void."

A/N Cliffhanger! Don't be mad at me, please! I needed something to bring suspense. Comment what you think!

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