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Jennie PoV

I've seen Lisa this morning she was wearing a turtle neck. Is she trying to hide my marks that I made on her neck yesterday morning???? Doesn't she want any of her "important" clients to know she has a girlfriend and that she's infinity percent taken.

Her and Rose went into a room. My dad was also in there he did mention they are having a meeting This morning so maybe that's why Lisa is hiding her marks.

But yet again she does have some clients today. She might want to act single and grind up on them. Without getting questioned.

Ok Jennie calm down, don't jump into conclusions. Don't over think Jennie. You love Lisa, Lisa hopefully has the same love for you. Don't get jealous Jennie of things that haven't actually happened... unless it's happening and I have no idea.

I just walked back to my dads office and relaxed there until there meetings finished so I can see my girlfriend and have a little friendly talk.

When I got to my dads office I sat in the big comfy sofa and decided give Jisoo a call she wanted some advice on her first date with Rose.

After 3 rings Jisoo answers her phone

Jisoo: hello

Jennie: hello unnie so have you got any idea where you are going to take Rose for your date.

I hear Jisoo sigh

Jisoo: that's the thing jen I don't know what to do yet I mean if you and Lisa were going in your first date where would you want to go.

That's a good question.

Jennie: maybe somewhere we can take loads of pictures like an art gallery or a museum. But that's just because me and Lisa like photography and plus I kind of slipped that idea to Lisa for our first date but I don't know if she'll listen.

Lisa can be a little slow.

Jisoo: so your saying take her somewhere she would like to go. somewhere interesting

Jennie: yep. Lisa said that Rose always wanted to go to an aquarium.

I hear Jisoo cheer a little

Jisoo: that's a great idea thanks Jennie then I'll take her for a classic dinner after our aquarium date

Jennie: that sounds like so much fun chu

Me and Jisoo carried on talking.

Lisa PoV

I walked into work this morning greeting my coworkers. Me and Rose went into the meeting room where our coworkers and Mr Yang were sitting at a conference table.

We are having a meeting on new clients and also if we are changing around any scheduling. Yes it's pretty boring but we have to sit through it. It's more like a lecture then a meeting but at least he listens to your ideas... well sometimes.

2 hours later

The meeting was finally done. We all stand up and bow at Mr Yang.

YG: Lisa Rose stay behind everyone else can leave.

Me and Rose looked at each other with confusion.

YG: sit back down ladies

We sat back down so did Mr Yang

YG: I guess your wondering why I'm keeping you guys behind.

Rose and Lisa: yes sir

We said in confusion did we mess up in the meeting...?

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