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After hanging up that call, he felt a little bad because he knew that by speaking in such a somewhat reluctant way, he would have been sad and worried. But everything he had said had actually hurt him. He could not get the idea in his head that at some point in his life he could have returned with a tremendous person like Brooke, after lying to him, and betraying him ... It was true that he did not understand anything. Just thinking about it caused him a headache, so he preferred to go to bed as soon as possible to try to forget that day ... Michael, after listening to Lexi knew that things were not right. His tone of voice showed that what he had said had made him feel bad, rightly so. But in any case he would end up learning, and the best thing was that it was soon and because of him. Otherwise things could be much worse. I also had hopes to be able to stay with her and clarify things, and thus be able to continue well with her, since that was all she wanted. But at the moment it would be best to try to sleep, since it had been a long day ... The next day Lexi woke up early. Becca was still asleep while she was already preparing breakfast. He heard a noise coming from Becca's room. She was alarmed there, and when she arrived she saw her friend lying on the floor in a somewhat comical posture. He had fallen when he got out of bed. She was totally sleepy, but she could not resist the laughter, and even less seeing Lexi already laughing for her fall. The two broke into laughter, until it seemed enough and they could go to breakfast. While they were having breakfast and listening to some music, Becca tried to ask her friend how she was doing. Lexi did not respond much to that, as she felt a little better and did not really want to talk about it, although surely today she called Michael to meet and discuss the issue. It was almost lunchtime and Michael had barely gotten up. He had been totally submerged in his dreams, he did not even realize what time it was. He had thought about calling Lexi to meet her but he preferred to wait at least for the afternoon. Maybe now was not the best time to call. He was not very hungry, so he just made himself a sandwich, sat on his couch, and had lunch while watching television. At the end of eating he did not resist any more so he called Lexi to stay as soon as possible. She answered quickly to the phone and accepted. He would pick her up at his house to go to a coffee shop and thus talk relaxed. The time arrived and they could stay. They had not said much on the way to the cafeteria but once there more words came out of their mouths. When the time came, Michael was already preparing to talk about Brooke. Lexi felt a little uncomfortable and almost wanted to cry just to hear him tell her story. Michael assured that it had not been anything serious, in truth they had been a short time. If they had kissed, and had lived as a couple during that small period of time but it had not been anything more than that. Lexi was starting to feel bad. She could not hear that, she did not feel ready to talk more about it, so feeling it very quickly she left the place to go back home, leaving Michael totally desolate and saddened to see her that way ... When arriving home , Becca saw that Lexi was wrong. All because of your stay with Michael. He wanted to try to comfort her but he did not achieve much. But Becca did not give up so she became imposing, dried her friend's tears and soon convinced her to go for a walk. At last she managed to make her friend think of other things and have a nice time. Finally they went shopping to look at clothes in several stores, since Becca needed some advice from her friend. That was good for him, distracted. Lexi was totally grateful to Becca, it was a great support to know that she had her for everything, good or bad ... When they got home, Lexi told Becca that she should leave for a moment. He was surprised, as they had just returned from the street. Without giving many more explanations left again from home. He could not hold back the desire. I felt the need to go to Michael's house. In spite of everything, I wanted to see him, and he felt bad knowing that the environment was not as it should be. When he arrived, he rang the bell. At first no one opened. She decided to wait a bit, but came to believe that there was nobody, so resigned to leave she turned around to start her way back home. But just before turning around, someone opened the door. It was him. I was incredibly amazed to see her there. Lexi did not resist, turned around, and approached Michael gently, kissed him. With that sweet kiss he wanted to show that he did not care about anything but him. I did not want to leave room for bad memories, I just wanted to be fine. When separated, Michael was stunned by the kiss. I did not expect it in the least. He felt excited and surprised. He ran a hand over one of Lexi's blushed cheeks, and gently grasping his face he joined his lips again in a sweet kiss more passionate than the last. Both wanted to be calm and without problems forever, feel at peace, as they felt every time they joined in a kiss. When they separated, they gave each other a big hug, and of course, they finally entered the house. At the end she felt totally prepared, this time she was not going to collapse for nothing ...

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