You only loved to see me breaking you only want me cause I'm taken...

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Today the sun woke me up. It was already high in the sky so I figured it was like 11am. I turned around and extended my arm. All I could feel was a piece of paper. I opened my eyes and saw an envelope. It said Leah on the side. I recodnised Niall's writing. It had some Nutella on the side. Yeah, it was Nialls. I opened it and started reading. I started smiling like a weirdo when I read half of it.


As you know I have some interviews and a concert today so here are 4 tickets. You can invite that Elena girl and I also called Harry. He should stop by your room at noon. He's bringing a girl which, according to him, really wants to meet me. I know you wanted to spend the day with your friend but could you please keep Harry and that girl company? He really misses you. I made reservations at that restaurant you like and you won't have to worry about paying, I already took care of it. The reservation is at 5pm and the concert is at 9pm! See you backstage!

Love, Your snowflake

I checked the clock. It was 10:30. That means I still have time to get ready. I'll finnaly see Harry after 2 whole years! And El is gonna be so thrilled when I'll tell her what we're doing today. I texted her.

"You, Harry, today, 1pm, my room!!"

I didn't even put the phone back on the table, she already replied.

"If you're kidding me, you're dead!"

I started laughing. She was still the same girl I talked too all those years ago.

"I'm not even joking! AND: I have some concert tickets to see Niall.. Maybe you know someone who'd want to go?"

I was shure she'll just laugh at my sarcasm. I stretched and went to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. My hair was nice and curly so I didnt try to put any product on it. I went to the closet and grabbed the first thing that I saw. It was a pair of ripped jeans. I took a white shirt and a red belt. I wanted to keep it simple. I put on my red converse and I was ready! I checked my phone. 5 messages. Someone is popular today.

"OMG you are so dead if this is a joke!"

"I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!"

"So harry is really comming?"

"OMG I just died!!!!"

I was laughing at Elenas reaction and then I opened the 5th message.

"Hey babe! Idk if Niall told you but I'll be over in an hour! I'm bringing a date and Niall said you have something planned out? Can't wait to see my fave girl in the world! -Hazz xx"

I knew Harry for over 6 years and I was still fangirling when I saw the text! First I replied to El and told her to come over at 12:30. And then I started thinking. I had something planned? Niall only organised from 5pm on. What was I supposed to do till then? We could go shoping. But the girls would have fun and Hazz would be bored. What if we rented a movie? What if we went to the movies? We could do that. And after the movie we'd have plenty of time to come back here and change into a bit more formal look. Yeah that was it! I called room service and ordered some pancakes. I finnished half of them when I heard a knock on the door. I opened and I was smooshed by El.

"Hai !!"

"Hey! How are you?"

"You seriously made my day!"

I smiled and sat back at the table.

"Uuuu! Pancakes! Can I have a bite?"

"Sure! I'm full, you can eat all of it!"

"Thanks! So what did you plan for us today?"

I told her my ideas and she loved them. By the time it was 12:45 she was already so hyper, I couldn't keep her calm! At 12 she was worrying Harry wouldn't show up and at 12:05 she was almost crying. At 12:15 Harry finnaly came and El was trying so hard not to scream in his face when I introduced them. Harry introduced his date Mary Ann. She was shorter than me but she was wearing heels. She had light brown, almost blonde hair. I guessed they were curly but she straightened them. She was wearing a cute green dress and had an orange purse and necklase. Nice styling. I could see El was a bit uncomfortable cause I didn't tell her about Mary Ann. I called a cab and we were at the movies in an hour becasue there was a lot of traffic. We watched Brave. It was a scottish animated movie. I arranged the seats so that El was sitting next to Harry and Mary Ann was sitting on the other side. I could hear El giggling into Hazza's shoulder and when I looked over them I could see them holding hands. I had to admit, they looked gorgeous together. I kinda felt bad for Mary, but she seemed like she enjoyed the movie anyways.

The movie ended and we stood up and streched. I took Mary Ann's hand and dragged her to the door.

"I have to go to the bathroom! Wanna come with me? Cmon, come with me!"

The only reason I was doing it was because of Elena. She looked so happy when she was with Harry. Well of course, she's been crushing on him since she was like 15. I dragged Mary to the bathroom and after we got back out the only thing I could hear was screaming girls. Oh, no! They saw Harry! And El was with him! I rushed through the crowd. I knew Elena was uncomfortable. She hated small spaces and by the look of the screaming girls, they weren't giving Hazz and El a lot of space. I finnaly saw Harry and sliped between two girls to get to him.

"Harry, where's El?"

"She was right here! I was holding her hand but the fans must've pushed her away! I can't see her anywhere!"

We both started screaming her name, hoping she'd hear us. The more we were shouting, the more the girls were screaming. They were all asking same questions like: Harry, is this your girlfriend? Would you dump her for me? Harry, Harry, sign my boobs!

Okay so at the last one I was overreacting a bit. But they were really annoying. I tryed jumping high in the air, hoping I'd see El. Next thing I know a couple of stong arms lifted me so high, I could see the whole hall. Harry was totally smooshed by the girls but he lifted me high enough for me to saw everyone. I saw El sitting by the wall way, way back and Mary was there with her. I jumped off Harry's shoulder.

"Harry I got the girls, you try and get to the hotel as unnoticable as possible!"

"Okay, see you there!"

Harry started running to the door and the girls were all running behind him. I waited till the hall was almost empty and then I ran over to El and Mary Ann.

"Elena, are you okay? Mary, you fine?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Elena is a bit shocked though. Where did Harry run off to?"

"We'll meet him back at the hotel. Elena try to calm down. Mary, can you get her some water please?"

She nodded and left the hallway. I helped Elena stand up and walk to the bench. Mary came back with the water and Elena was feeling better after she drank it. The poor thing wasn't used to this. Back in the One direction days this happened everyday, so I was pretty much used to it. I knew how to react. We needed about an hour to get back to the hotel. It was traffic hour.

It was already 4:30 and we were thinking about skipping a fancy dinner and just staying at the hotel room. But Mary wanted to show off her new dress so we went anyways. Niall organised us a table that was hardly noticable, so we could enjoy our supper with no screaming girls. We talked about everything and anything. We had the best time and I also saw Harry giving some flirty looks to El. Halfway through dinner, Harry admited that Mary is only his friend who really loves Niall and wanted to see his concert. I got a little jealous, but after we talked for almost 3 hours I kinda thought of her as my best friend. She understood my sarcastic jokes and thats a MUST if you want to be my friend.

We went back to the hotel and I told Hazz to go to the bar or something cause girls need to get ready for the concert. I loaned my clothes to El and Mary, but decided to let them keep it because it suited them better than me anyways. We spent about half an hour and when Harry entered the room all he could say was:



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