Chapter 6

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Running my fingers over my lips I still felt the tingles from his kiss. What in the world just happened? I was stood in his bathroom in the same position he had left me in. How can he kiss me like that and then just storm out? Why did he even kiss me when he has an old lady?

He sure as hell can kiss my ass if he thinks I'm staying here. Slipping of his boxers I pulled on my jeans and t-shirt. Now all I had to do was get past my mom.

Grabbing my jacket from the bedroom floor I pulled it on and made my way out. Now all I had to do was find my car and be on my way.

"Did you get some sleep baby?"

Looking at my mom I raised my eyebrows. What the hell was she wearing? "Yeah" I lied giving her a once over. "What the hell are you wearing?" I asked

"Your dads clothes. My bags in the car and I've misplaced my key. I didn't want to break the window" She smiled taking a sip of whatever she had in her cup.

Sure she did. "Do you know where Blaze is?" I asked hoping she didn't get the wrong idea. I was no biker whore.

"Tall, dark and handsome?" She grinned making my cheeks heat up.

"I hope you're talking about me" My dad growled pulling her to him and burying his head in her neck.


"No Blaze" she smirked

"He's out taking care of something. Who wants to know?" He asked lifting his head so he could look at me.

"I need him to take me to my car" I said avoiding his gaze.

"That better be all you want him for" My dad glared at me causing me to frown. So now he wants to be the protective father.

What Blaze had said earlier sprung to mind 'He had me riding out every weekend to make sure you were okay' .

"Trust me I just want my car" I said just as the door to the clubhouse was pulled open.

"Prez we got a problem" Tommy said giving me a small smile before turning to face my dad again.

"Oi don't look at her like that" My dad snapped hitting him on the back of the head.

Rolling my eyes I made my way past them. Sitting outside had to be better than sitting with a bunch of bikers.

"You need to hear this darlin'" Tommy spoke causing me to halt my footsteps.

"What the fucks going on Tommy?" My dad snapped

"Why do I have to hear this?" I piped up suddenly feeling curious.

"Vagos got wind of her" He said nodding in my direction. "Word on the street is they know who she is and what she looks like".

Swallowing the lump in my throat I glanced at my dad. He looked ready to kill someone. "Who's Vagos?" I asked

Ignoring my question he turned his focus on Tommy "Get the guys back here. All of them. I'll contact Blaze. Meeting in half an hour and tell them not to be fucking late and you" He pointed at me a stern look in his eyes "You don't move from here. You understand me?" He asked

All I could do was nod because the look he was giving made me want to cry in fear. What was going on and who was Vagos?

"Fuck" My dad roared before storming of through the clubhouse.

Staring at my mom I noticed the worried look on her face, she couldn't hide it. "Mom?" I said giving her a questioning look hoping she would tell me what was going on.

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