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what now?


My mind goes blank and I can feel my body slam onto the bed, everything turning into a pale, bright light. I can faintly hear Overhaul and Kurono's voices, sounding slightly panicked, except Overhauls, of course. My body gets fired up, adrenaline pumping through every inch of my veins, and then,
But then, my eyes reopen, yet I'm not in the room anymore. I'm placed in a room that has desks, and a large desk in the front with a chalk board behind it.
A classroom.
There's no one in here, until I blink, then children appear in seats in the order of boy girl, boy girl. All of their faces are blurred out, like someone took a color pencil and scribbled them out. The only face I can see is a little boy who's sitting in the back, wearing a surgeon mask and white gloves. He looks familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Everyone is just sitting there, no one talking or moving, but the little boy in the back is moving his pencil, writing something down. Someone upfront of the class coughs, then the boy in the back stops writing, his pencil breaking. His eyes go wide and his arms get hives on them. What's wrong with him? Why isn't anyone helping?
The school bell rings once, making me jump. All the children are now standing up, except for the boy. They all move out the class without moving their legs. Why is this so creepy?
The little by sits in the back, his eyes still wide, but his hives gone. He closes his eyes and reopens them, looking calmer. He packs his things, and gets up to leave. When he does, his legs move, and his face is more visible then everyone else.
He isn't like the other kids.
I follow him out, not knowing what else to do, so, might as well. Keeping up with him, he opens the front door of the school, and walks out. All the children can be seen levitating in different directions of the street, most likely going home for the day. But, this kid stays here, and starts walking once everyone's gone. Why does he look familiar? It bothers me on how I can't remember.
The kid makes a turn and starts walking behind the school, and stops on the side, sits down, and takes out a book. What's he doing? His mother is going to be worried if he gets home late, right? He crosses his legs and starts reading his book, he seems to be unbothered when just sitting there. It's also quite cold out here and he's wearing his uniform, which has short sleeves. He reaches into his bag and brings out a small box with a note on it saying "Don't touch!". What's in it?
He opens it, and brings out another box, and another, another, another, another, and another. Then he opens another, and a small sandwich can be seen in there.
He brings down his mask, and everything goes dark before I could see his face. Everything lights up again when a man comes up to the boy. The man might be in his early thirties or late thirties, somewhere in there.
"If you ain't got a place to go, then come with me, boy."
He just sits there, not saying anything.
"You got a name?"
He still doesn't say anything.
"You mute?"
The kid slowly stands up and simply looks up at him, his mask removed and shadows replacing it. How come I can't see his mouth? What's so bad about seeing a mouth?
The man holds out his hand, keeping his serious face. The boy just stares at it, and slowly, slowly, extends his hand and places it on his. When he does, his hand, all the way up to his shoulder, gets hives and his face gets real pale. Then his face softens, and his hives slowly retreat. It reminds me of when Overhaul and I touched hands.
Speaking of him, this kid kinda has his face. The weirdly sharp eyebrows, eyes shining a bright amber. The confident look in his eyes, glowing with perfection.
Man, I'm the dumbest person ever.
That is Overhaul.
Kid Overhaul opens his mouth, and says something inaudible.
My vision blurs, and I get a sudden jolt through my head. I see maybe.. 3 people hovering over me, and then they disappear, the last thing I heard was "Pass the serum". What type of vision was that?
I reappear in some type of room, it's very traditional-looking. A slide in door with wooden bars on it, very symmetrical. A fresh, young looking Overhaul can be seen sitting on a chair, legs crossed, man style. Another familiar face shows up, Kurono. He walks in the room, sliding the door closed and is holding a tray of what seems to be pills or something.
"These are all that we could make, it's disappointing." Overhaul says, grabbing one of the bullets.
"It's better than nothing, I suppose. It can only last up to five minutes. If we make more and combine them, then we could probably achieve a whole week, or so."
"Good point."
I've never heard them talk this much before. Except for Overhaul, I've heard him talk plenty, but Kurono is really just, pouring it out. I've never heard him speak with that much emotion. All I usually hear him say to Overhaul is 'Yes sir' or 'Right'.
I feel a slight sting in my arm, and I look down to see what it is.
My arms are bleeding.
Cuts forming everywhere, and blood pouring out of me.
My vision goes blurry and everything goes red. I panic, wiping my arms, but it just keeps pouring out. I start getting that same feeling I get when I use my quirk, the piercing stab of splinters on every pore of my body. My quirk, I won't be able to hold it back soon. Whenever I get hurt or I get panicked my quirk starts to activate and I can't stop it, unless I go unconscious. I know that because my dad had to use his quirk on me when I was a kid, and trust me, it wasn't pretty.
I feel my skin light up, and I just noticed that Overhaul and Kurono are gone, the chairs neatly placed back in place under the table.
I try to scream, but when I do I can't hear it, even though I can't hear anything, it's sounds so loud that my ears ring. How is that even possible?

My eyes shoot open, sweat beaming down my cheek, and my hands burn, not from the scratches, but from my burn marks from when I first fully activated my quirk. They spark up with a string on colors, mostly green, and I look up to see Kurono, Shin, and Overhaul all backed up away from me, they're faces hard to read from my vision being blurry. When my eyes land on Overhaul I start to think about what happened in the visions, him being so small and silent. The way everyone didn't move and the way they're faces looked, is that how he saw people? Just scribbled our faces not being able to move? The sparks die down, and I'm left with burnt hands and confused faces, all on me. My visions start to go blurry, shit! Are the visions starting again?
I'm answered with the sight of darkness.
Taking that as a no.

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