001 : alone

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TOM KNEW HE WAS HURTING. He hated what he had done, thinking a little drunken act of revealing their love for one another to a magazine for a Christmas present was certainly not Tom's wisest idea, and the ideas that followed their breakup weren't any sharper in the toolbox.

See, the two were together, but the oh - so - clever drunk persona of Tom Holland thinks if he can say that he and Scarlett are in love, but say they're not in a relationship, that the public would remain calm the entire time.

How wrong he was.

The first person Tom ran to was Zendaya, from Norway to Hollywood, begging for her to resolve the patch that broke in their relationship and act as a mediating third party. She simply refused, letting him know that was he did was at his fault and his fault only, hoping Tom would listen and give Scarlett space.

Tom ended up going through every single one of his friends, pleading to help him mend his love with Scarlett, but every one refused until an old school friend, Keeley Lewis, agreed to help. They'd so smartly thought of posting one another on social media until Scarlett gets jealous and admits she still loves Tom; because he simply refuses to think she doesn't love him.

"At least you've had a conversation with her, think of that as a pro." Keeley tries to reassure Tom, who frowned so deep the whole of their journey to Scotland that it dented his face, creating a crease of skin below his bottom lip.

Tom sighs, shaking his head. "She's jealous, I know she is, but it's making me look worse. Like - like I never loved her in the first place."

"But you did, right?" Keeley asks, taking Tom's phone from his hands to skim through his conversation with Scarlett one more time. She crosses her brows at Scarlett's frustration with Tom, seeing how much he really does love her right infront of her.

"Of course! I've wondered if pining after her for all these years will go to shit, and it finally has, thirty years later." Tom sighs in defeat, burying his face in his hands in the car, his loud sigh alarming Keeley.

"Then I'll tell her myself."

Tom furrows his eyebrows in slight confusion, baffling him until he raised his head and saw his phone pressed against Keeley's ear, the rings of the phone loud enough for him to hear. He panics, beginning to try and reach for the phone but Keeley shoves him away.

"Tom, I don't want to talk to you. Don't call me." Scarlett's soft voice cut the sounds of the rings through the mobile, and Tom knows it's too late for him to stop whatever Keeley was planning on letting Scar know.

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