116| Ghosts in the graveyard

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Empty seats,
And eyes don't meet,
When they say
That we don't need

Longing stares,
And don't you dare
Tell me that you don't know
Why I don't go

Like a ghost,
I'll boast
Of a million times I tripped
In your garden and ripped

You'll think
I don't blink
Before saying yes to
Everything you ask
And just loving your masks
Too much...

It's strange
How we changed
In a matter of months
As I sit alone at lunch
While you whisper and laugh
Like you don't see the marks
I have...

And you pretend that you're fine
That they know you more than I
Did but don't you know?
I didn't let go
Of you...

Tell me why you can't look back,
Give me a last glance, that's all I ask
From you when I cry
And you just pass by

And you come back later,
Saying I need to get better
At everything I'm not
Just try to connect the dots,
Of you...

We don't say a word,
And walk away,
The garden is a graveyard,
Of our days,
The fence was broken,
Like someone was here before,
I just want to know if,
The footprints were yours.

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