wHy iS mY bRoThER iN a CeLL!?

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Wow, well dont i see a gay in pic on top?????????


Hewoooo my fellow humanity.

Im back.


I am s o ex c i t eD

Soon will be the day when HBO will post the first episode of the last season of Game of thrones and im having my bisexual meltdown.

Here watch thid untill i get better

You back??

Okay good, s o

Hhh idk y am i so hyped tbh

Like i want to write a smut but idk how, y am i even writing this? Do i need help? Why do we, humans, exist? When will zombie outbreak happen?? Is that what is life all about?? Will there be WW3? Why am i not doing my essay???



Ok i think i will do jeffburr cuz my insta page always shiws ne those cute burrmads ship drawing

Like, look at t h e  m 

Like, look at t h e  m 

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*Very bisexual squel*

Hh i have a lot of requests so i will go later and try to full fill your desire ;))

*Grabs pen and paper*

R e q u e s t s???


Although this was long ago, I hadn't give an credit to the artist,

Artist: burrwantsacookie

Im sorry again :,,)



James got startled as he heard, his lover, Aaron Burr slamming through door with such a rage which James never seen.

"Ronnie?" He asked and stopped writing his essay and put his pen in ink.

"HowdoesHamilton, bastardorphansonofawhorebeingsofuckingoblivius-" Burr was muttering things to hinself.

James only sighed abd went to calm his lover.

"Aaron, you are trembling." He says once he is next to him.

Aaron looks at him sharply in an eye and mutters slowly 'im not.'

James sighs again.

"Yes you do my love..." James rested his palm on his face slowly.

Aaron only did huffed but soon calmed down.

James knows Aaron well, they both met after the war was over, where he was writing those essays with Hamilton and John Jay.

With Aaron being the single dad of five year old, after loss of his wife, then Alexander and Thomas fights, and him and Alex too then being the lawyer was actually really hard...he seems like he cannot handle it anymore.

James kisses his cheek softly and lets Burr rest on his shoulder.

"Wanna see something baby?" James said slowly after Burr calmed down.

He didn't got verbal answer, but short nod.

He led him to his desk, sat on chair put Burr on his lap.

James smiles a bit more when he notices that spark in Aaron's dark brown eyes.

"Mmm wanna something baby?" James let his south accent go a but deeper, which Burr actualy loved.

"Please..." He said.

"Do want you want, baby. I ain't stoping you." He smirks.

Burr made smol wheeze in his throat as he went low and unzipped James pants.

"Shit-" James said, getting easily turned on.

Burr smirked as he took his shaft out.

James gasped.

"Aaron! We cannot! What if someone wal-- ahhh fuck!" He clamped hand over his mouth.

Aaron smirked again as he gave out kitten licks to his sensitive tip, slow but sweet message on his ball and swallowed him whole.

That was when they both heard knock on door.

"Fuck! Hide below my desk!" James whispered.

Burr did but he still was licking his willy.

"Come in." He says as he ahems a bit.

The door open and Magenta Lady Gaga Kiwi walks in, or known as Thomas Jefferson.

"Hi Jemmy! I have those essays which you told me to-- are you okay?" Thomas asks concerned.

James noddes a bit faster then he thought.

"Yeah why?" He answer as Aaron smirks below a desk and his warm but talented tongue all over his dick.

Gettin' him wet and sticky.

"Dunno, you look a bit flushed." Thomas shrugs.


James screams interally.

"Well, where is Burr?? Saw him before he was getting in your office..." He muttered.

"Ahhhh well, he aint here." James shrugs, bits hid tongue to not moan infront of his friend.

"Ohhhh, welp. Guess I will leave his paperwork here." Thomas says and puts the paperwork on his desk.

James nods shortly after.

"Say hi to Aaron."

Thomas says and laughs as Aaron squeels.

"Well baby boy," James picks him up "you are in worse shape then national debt is in."

He smirks and Burr runs away.

Well shit.


Ok so idk wtf happend-

Lets just say that wattpad erased half of my story and im too tired to write it all back down, so im sorry about it ;_;

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