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Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

I sat at my desk with my head down on the table. My intuition told me to open my eyes, so I did.

When I opened my eyes my daddy was standing in front of me. I just looked at him and ain't say nothing

"don't look crazy now, why this school calling my phone?"

I still ain't say nothing

"Ian talking to myself, you ain't deaf. You ain't go no type of work out to do nothing, but you got the nerve to have a B in this class. Then you still got yo' bookbag on like you in a rush to be somewhere"

the whole class was just looking at us. They wasn't going crazy do to the fact that this wasn't his first time coming to my school

they use to it, it's typical as fuck

I wasn't tryna hear nothing him or nobody else had to say. I told him thousands of times that I don't like this teacher or her class. I choose when I wanna do my work, and today was just one of them days that I wasn't gone do shit

She called my daddy, and he decided he was gone come to the school. Ian know he was coming cause she ain't tell me that part, but I should've known better cause he always come

"it's to early for this" I complained putting my head down. It was only first period

"it's to early, so what?" I looked back up at him and mugged him. This nigga tripping "you want a cupcake?"

I started laughing at him cause his sarcastic ass joke was funny

"If you need to pull her out you can" Ms. Aykens said getting up coming over to us

"yeah, come on" he said walking towards the door and I got up following behind him. I looked over to see this boy recording us

"fuck you recording for, bitch boy" I said and the class started laughing

I shut the door behind me and leaned on the wall listening to him

"Kamrynn you better get yo' shit together. You come in this lady class everyday, and don't do nothing. I'm tired of her calling me and shit cause you can't act right"

"If ion wanna do my work in class she can't make me. I'm not obligated to do nothing ion wanna do, and I still come home after school and do my work. I turn it in on time, so she just complaining to complain"

"You obligated to do what I tell yo' ass to do. If I have to come back up to this school ima embarrass yo' ass in front of yo' whole class. That's a bet"

Ian say nothing cause I was still comprehending what he said. He was deadass to, he know how to embarrass me and that shit uncomfortable

The only thing he hard on me bout is school. He don't want me to follow in his footsteps, but I know what I'm doing

I left it alone cause going back and forth with him wasn't gone help nothing. I was just gone get myself in more trouble

"Aight" I rolled my eyes, I'm over all this shit.

He left and I went back in the classroom. I was mad as fuck.

the day went by and I went home.

"can I go with Kiara for a lil bit?" I asked walking in the kitchen looking at my daddy

He looked at me and raised a eyebrow and kept doing what he was doing

"can yo' teacher stop calling my phone?" nigga still got jokes

I rolled my eyes cause he just made me mad all over again

"I'm for real"

"Me too"

"She ain't gone call you no more, I can't promise cause promises get broken. Ima do better though" I looked at him and he looked at me

"you got a hour"

"Okay" ian say nothing else, I just left

I wasn't really going with Kiara, I was going to my nigga house

I couldn't tell him where I was going for real cause my daddy think I don't mess with him no more

He told me to leave him alone, but I didn't

I can't stop fucking with my first love. We fuck up and bounce right back

After our first major break up I wasn't allowed to see him, and that's when I was suppose to leave him alone.

I walked up in the yard seeing him and his nappy headed friends smoking and listening to music

I stopped and looked at them. These niggas was high

"What you looking at?" Zayvion said blowing smoke out his mouth

"I'm looking at y'all dumbass niggas. You know yo' momma get off work early on Wednesday's. She gone pull up and y'all gone be in trouble" I Said

"Fuck that we Smoking, and yo' ass finna blow my high" he said and they all started laughing

"Fuck yo' blunt, and ion care bout you being high. I came over here like you asked me, so now you finna pay attention to me"

I took the blunt out his hand and started smoking

"So you just gone let her take yo' shit like that?" Pierre asked laughing

"Yeah, and you or him ain't gone do shit" I looked over at Zaviyon and he turned his head. I laughed a little, but I was serious too "Exactly"

"Zay you be letting her ass boss you around. I'm confused on who the nigga is in the relationship" Ashton said looking at Zayvion

"Ian letting her boss me around, she know wassup. I got respect for my girl and other females, y'all niggas just straight up disrespectful. That shit sad as fuck"

Nigga you sure you high?

Ain't no way he was high cause usually he'll be laughing at stuff and talking crazy

I think I blew his high for real.


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